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Did You Know That Onions Can Do This?


Onions are a powerful vegetable with incredible health benefits that can treat a host of health problems. They are a powerful antibiotic which can reinforce the immune system, in that way protecting the body from various infections.

The onions come from the Allium family of vegetables which are rich in Sulphur. All the vegetables from this family (onions, leeks, garlic) have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and are an excellent source of the quercetin antioxidant that can fight free radicals in the body.

People have been using onions to relieve colds and the flu, treat chest congestion and clean the body of toxins, but they are also a powerful diabetes remedy due to the high flavonoid and Sulphur content. Here’s how onions can improve your overall health:

Treat minor cuts and wounds

Onions have a transparent layer on the top which can stop minor and moderate bleeding and are a perfect remedy for cuts and wounds.

Treat ear infections

Here’s a great natural way of relieving ear infections: chop an onion nicely and put the pieces in a sock, then tie the sock and put it over the infected ear. Lie down and keep the sock on your ear for 15-20 minutes or until the pain goes away.

Relieve chest congestion

Onions have been used as a natural remedy against chest congestion for centuries. Just crush a medium-sized onion, add some coconut oil in the mush, then coat your chest with the mixture and cover with a towel. Go to bed and leave the remedy overnight to successfully treat chest congestion.

Treat coughs

Take a large onion and peel it, then cut it in half and dip the halves in brown sugar face down. Eat the pieces twice a day to reduce the symptoms of the cough and treat it.

Treat colic

In the past, Cherokee Indians have been using onions as a simple way of treating colic in their children. Just boil a handful of chopped onions in water, then leave it to cool down before straining the mixture. Give your baby a teaspoon of the onion water every hour to relieve colic.

Treat fever

Cut an onion on thin slices, then rub your feet soles with some coconut oil and put a slice on them afterwards. Secure with a bandage and put on your socks, then leave the onion to work overnight and bring down the fever.

Treat vomiting

Grate a medium-sized onion and strain the juice through a cheesecloth. Now, brew a cup of peppermint tea and leave it to cool down, then drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice, following it with 2 teaspoons of peppermint juice in 5 minutes. Repeat the process until you stop vomiting – it usually takes up to 15 minutes.

Clean the air in your home

To clean the air in your home of toxins and bacteria, you can put onion slices on small plates around your room.

And the benefits of onions don’t stop there! Rubbing some onion juice on your skin will repel bugs and the same method can be used to keep your clothes safe from moths.

Rubbing onion juice on your scalp regularly will promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Spray some boiled onion juice on your plants to repel pests, while rubbing a cut onion on iron can prevent rust. Rub a cut onion on your face to prevent freckles, or polish your silverware with half an onion to give it a nice shine.

Native Americans have been using onions as a natural remedy for many problems for centuries, and even scientists have recognized the healing properties of the vegetable. Give the aforementioned remedies a try the next time you’re down with a cold or the flu and you’ll be amazed by the results!