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Do You Know How You Can Distinguish Dumb People From Smart Ones? Here Are 10 Habits That Can Help You! Number 9 Is Especially Surprising!


In today’s article, we’re going to present you 10 habits that can help you find out about your IQ and whether you are smart or not!

Make sure that sometimes it’s not that good to be smarter than the people surrounding you.

1. Smart people stay cool

Numerous things can cause anger or frustration an interminable traffic jam, a fight with your partner, or a cancellation in the last minute. Smart people have more self-control although they can lose control from time to time, but people with a lower IQ do that more often.

According to a study from the University of Michigan with 600 analyzed participants which also included their children and parents for 22 years experts wanted to discover whether there is a real connection between a low intelligence quotient and aggressive behavior. According to the results, children learn how to react to conflict situations very early and they do it with anger and aggression. They usually grow up in a very aggressive environment which decreases the risk of having a good brain development.

2. Smart people don’t think they’re better than others

People who aren’t that bright can’t really see their own talents because they usually think that they’re better than others. A study published in the magazine of Psychological Science claims that less intelligent people tend to become more often racist or homophobic. They usually look down on other people while they’re raising themselves up.

Smart people don’t do that as they don’t need anyone to prove their own value. They’ll help everyone in need and will be happy for their success.

3. Smart people admit to mistakes

People with lower IQs never admit their misbehavior. They can also blame other people for their own failures. Children who come from families where they act towards them as mistakes grow up while believing it’s the worst thing to admit failure.

Smart people are on the opposite side. They gladly admit when they have mistaken. They know how to take responsibility for their actions. They recognize their mistakes as something they can learn from.

4. Smart people have empathy

People who have a lower IQ don’t think about the needs of other people and care about themselves and their feelings only. They are able to empathize and can understand various people. They usually live in harmonious relationships. People who are considered to be less intelligent just want others to agree with them and want people to think that they are cleverer than they actually are.  

According to a study from the Texas Tech University, smarter people can recognize the feelings of other people. Those people could also do good things for other and they didn’t expect anything back.

Intelligent people are usually learned from when they were children that they should care for other people, be empathetic and always try to offer help.

Children who didn’t grow up with this kind of parents will never learn this. It is a bad example for them, they have a problem in surviving with their feelings because they’re hiding them and they also have a problem to recognize other people’s feelings.

It’s always better for children to grow up in loving homes with lots of feelings around them, so that they can develop a healthy brain.

5. Smart people are anxious and mistrustful

Still, smart people can be bad for themselves because they need more time to make new friends and worry more. They are mistrustful and anxious more. They usually think that all of their carefully thought projects can go wrong all of a sudden.

They usually plan ahead and do various things that include more of their brainpower.

But, one thing is for sure. When smart people build their friendships, they last longer and become more stable than in people who are less intelligent.

6. Smart people are messy

Messy people aren’t always lazy people! Clever people are usually very messy, still they’re very creative and always think big. They can always try something new.

7. Smart people swear more

People who are not that clever get upset more often. When intelligent people get mad, it becomes great rage which can come out as swearing!

8. Smart people are night owls

According to numerous studies from the London School of Economics, people who are smart stay awake later than people who aren’t that smart. The participants who were around the age of 20 and had an IQ of 75 went to bed before midnight throughout the week, but the ones who had an IQ of 125 fell asleep at 12:30 at night averagely.

9. Smart people are lazy

People who lie that they’re too busy while they’re actually bored at home are usually more intelligent! People who are intelligent usually enjoy their time, watch films or TV series or just do nothing, but they’re never bored while on the other hand people who are less intelligent get bored very fast, so they need something to do, like for example a physical activity.

10. Smart people use the snooze button

According to a study presented in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences”, smart people press the “snooze” button more often.

In case you’re one of the people who stay up late, you’re a cool-headed, messy, mistrustful, empathetic and like to sleep in, you are maybe brilliant! And don’t worry if you aren’t any of those. Smart people are still filled with anxiety. You have to accept yourself just the way you are. You have to believe in yourself.



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