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The Japanese Morning Banana Diet – The Easiest Way To Lose Weight!


The popular Japanese morning banana diet was invented by pharmacist Sumico Watanabe a while back ago and it instantly became a hit. In the last few years, the diet is causing banana shortages on the market and has spread all around the world. The diet is pretty lightweight and isn’t based on calorie counting or removing foods from your diet – instead, you only need to eat bananas for breakfast.

The morning banana diet

Start the day with a banana or two, but make sure not to eat more. The bananas need to be consumed raw and fresh. Along with the banana, you can have a glass of water at room temperature, so not too hot or cold either. If you must drink coffee in the morning, drink it 20 minutes before the banana.

You can have anything you want to lunch and dinner. The diet doesn’t forbid any foods, but if you want it to be effective, we suggest skipping on oily meals. The goal of the diet is not to overeat, and eat only until you’re 80% satiated. Desserts are forbidden, as sugar is the real enemy of progress when talking about losing weight. You can have a tiny snack at 3 PM in the form of a cookie or a few chocolate cubes.

Your dinner should be no later than 8 PM, but we suggest moving it two hours earlier. Regular exercise is recommended, although not obligatory, but if you want to succeed you might want to include it in your daily routine. Go to bed before midnight or even sooner if you can.

The positive side of the diet

The diet is pretty light, but really effective and isn’t expensive at all. Everyone can get accustomed to it easily, and it can be practiced by even the busiest people. Bananas are a perfect choice to start the day as they’re rich in potassium, fiber and other nutrients important for your health. They will boost your digestion and metabolism and make you satiated as well. Another positive side of the morning banana diet is that it requires for you to go to bed by midnight, effectively reducing the risk of insomnia and helping your metabolism work properly.

Negative side of the diet

There aren’t any negative sides to the diet except that it’s not created by an expert nutritionist. Some nutritionists have been criticizing it for the lack of restraint for lunch and dinner, and the non-obligatory exercise, but these things aren’t really big drawbacks as you can easily fix them.


The morning banana diet helped Sucomi’s husband lose almost 17 kg. in just a short time. It became so popular when well-known Japanese opera singer Kimiko Mori said that it helped her lose 7 pounds in 6 weeks. The shortage of bananas caused Japan to increase their banana import by 25%, but even this hasn’t helped cover the lack of bananas, which means the diet is incredibly popular.

People who have tried it recommend following it for at least 2 weeks, during which you can lose 3-5 kg. We suggest avoiding heavy meals and greasy food, and you should certainly be pleased by the results.