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These Incredible Yoga Poses Can Eliminate Your Back Pain Quickly


Back pain is one of the most common aches in the world. It affects millions of people at the moment and can become pretty painful and debilitating over time. Although back pain is common for adults, in recent times it even affects younger people.

Experts say that our back pain may be caused by the way our ligaments, muscles and tendons interact with each other in the back. The pain can make you unable to sit properly or perform any kind of physical activity, which is why everyone’s looking for a quick way to eliminate it. Below you can see 5 simple yoga poses which will get rid of your back pain and make you mobile again.

Happy baby pose

This cutely-named pose will reinforce your lower back and spice and open up your groin and thighs. To do it, go down on your back on a yoga mat, then bend your knees, grab your feet with your hands and pull them to your chest. Now, stretch your feet wider than your shoulders with your hands and hold the position for 30 seconds until you feel a stretch. Remember – your back should stay on the ground.

Half pigeon pose

The half pigeon pose will open your hips and reinforce your leg and back muscles. It can also help with postural problems and is great for your reproductive system. Go in a runner posture on a floor mat on the ground by bending your left foot and resting your hands on both sides. Now, slide the left foot to your left hand while resting your weight on the hands completely, then lower the right knee to the right hand and keep your hands straight. Next, put the left knee to the ground and square your hips, then hold for 30 seconds and repeat the pose on the opposite side.

Butterfly pose

This pose will improve the flexibility of your spine and back while relaxing your back muscles at the same time. Sit on the ground and bring the soles of your feet together, then use your hands to lower your knees to the ground and flutter them for 30 seconds.

Double pigeon pose

This pose can strengthen your glutes, back muscles, hips and groin and is highly recommended for those stuck in an office all day long, runners of pregnant women. Sit on the ground with your legs crossed (left over right leg), then put the left ankle over your right knee. Stay in the position for half a minute and repeat it on the right side.

Thread and needle pose

The thread and needle pose will relax your shoulders, back, thighs and spine and relieve the pain in these areas. Lie down on your back on a yoga mat, then bend your knees and bring them a bit towards your chest. Now, put the right foot on your left thigh below the knee, then put your right arm in the space in between and grab the left thigh.

Now put your left hand behind the left thigh and meet it with your right hand, then pull your legs to the chest as hard as you can (don’t make it too painful, though). Once you feel a stretch, count to 8-10 deep breaths and repeat the process on the right side.

These amazing yoga poses can be done by beginners and work great against back pain. Try them yourself and we’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the results!