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This Incredible Plant Can Stop The Bleeding In Your Stomach!


Lotus root is a wonderful flower which grows underwater and has long tuber sections that are full of air canals. This incredible plant has been consumed or used as a natural remedy in Asia for centuries, mostly due to its rich nutritional and health benefits. Lotus has a crunchy root and a sweet flavor which resembles water chestnut. All the parts of the plant can be safely consumed.

Nutritional profile

The lotus root contains a variety of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B and C as well as phosphorus, copper, iron, calcium, manganese, sodium and protein. The unique combination of nutrients makes the plant a powerful remedy against numerous diseases and conditions. Here are the main health benefits of lotus root:

Stops intestinal bleeding

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using lotus root to stop intestinal bleeding for a long time. The plant is incredibly powerful and can stop the bleeding in your esophagus, intestines and stomach!

Prevents anemia caused by heavy menstruation

If you’re anemic due to heavy menstruation, drink lotus root juice for 3 straight days and the problem will be gone soon.

Relieves constipation and diarrhea

Drink lotus root juice during the day to relieve digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

Boosts your energy levels

Lotus root and its tubers store energy in the form of carbs and starch. Oriental healers believe drinking the juice can improve our energy levels and boost our athletic performance.

Treats digestive problems

Consuming lotus root juice regularly can treat numerous digestive problems including intestinal and colon diseases. Drink it with a bit of ginger juice and you’ll never suffer from digestive problems again.

Eliminates excess mucus

If there’s mucus accumulated in your airways, lotus root can help. It contains a lot of vitamin C which can thin out the excess mucus from your lungs and is one of the most effective asthma, cold, cough and tuberculosis remedies. Mix lotus root juice with carrot juice for an even better effect.

Relieves anxiety and calms your mind

Lotus root juice contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), a powerful vitamin which can improve your mood and eliminate stress, anxiety and headaches.

Treats sinusitis

Drinking lotus root regularly will prevent the accumulation of mucus in your airways and effectively relieve sinusitis and other respiratory problems.

Regulates your temperature

Drink a mixture of lotus root and orange juice to reduce fever and bring your internal temperature under control. You can also reduce your fever by adding some lotus root and carrots in a bowl of hot chicken soup.

How to choose the perfect lotus

When shopping for lotus root, find a crunchy and juicy piece with no blemishes or soft spots on it. Store the plant in plastic bags in the fridge, and consume it within 5 days. When preparing it for eating, cut off the ends and scrape the thin layer of skin gently. If you want to make lotus root, thinly slice the plant. When juicing, cut it length-wise and use it raw.

To prevent poisoning yourself, clean the lotus root well – since it grows in mud, gravel can get stuck into its airways, so make sure the canals are completely clean.