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Improve Your Well-Being With A Fifteen Minutes Stroll


With the recent development of technology we all slowly turn to couch-potatoes. Everything is a click away so we rarely have the need to go out and lead active life compared to a decade ago. Therefore the rise and promotion of healthy lifestyle is getting more popular.  People tend to pay attention to physical activities, taking up fitness or regular visits to the gym faced with all the negative effects from the modern lifestyle.

In this race for balance between the everyday obligations and the need for activity and exercise, many common activities that have the same effect are taken for granted. For example – the good old walk. It is often that we neglect the miraculous effect it can give to our body. In addition, many studies point out that as we age we need to dedicate ourselves to this simple everyday routine if we want to improve the quality of our life.  

The miraculous effect of walking

Take a peak in the findings from a longitudinal study carried out during a period of 12 years. They point out that a daily 15-minute stroll has decreased the mortality rate by 22% in the category of elderly people (65+). Adding on longer activities on a regular basis made the figures even more favorable to different categories of examines. Actually, the examiners advocate exercising no matter the age. What is more, they strongly recommend it even in addition to any medical treatments.

The optimal activity is two and a half hours of moderate activity or one hour and a quarter of harder exercises. Furthermore, they promote it as addition to many medical treatments in order to improve the person’s health and well-being. In many cases it is even recommended as a replacement to some medical treatments.  Unfortunately, facts show that less that 50 % of the elderly people comply with these recommendations.

Do not be surprised by this data!

Regardless all these facts, unfortunately most of the people consider walking as trivial and unimportant. Luckily enough however, scientists have done extensive research and have come to staggering conclusions which are being revealed lately. We all turn to aerobic not even knowing what aerobic really means. Actually, aerobic activities have an effect onto the cardiovascular and respiratory system in order to stimulate them and increase the level of oxygen in our muscles. It is few people that know the fact that a simple walk has this aerobic effect on our body.

In this light, the movement keeps our body healthy and alive! The more activity the more energy is used to strengthen the muscles; they get more nutritive components thus the boy does not get fat.    

Undoubtedly, leading the modern lifestyle, with lack of activity, results in weakening the health. Recently many studies show that due to these habits, there is an increase of conditions related to inactivity, such as “sedentary death syndrome” for instance. This syndrome causes a variety of illnesses, often with mortal consequences. To put it in a nutshell, what we do not use we lose; being it mind capacity, fitness or stamina.

Aimed for everyone

A last year study findings reveal that if obese children practice walking a quarter of hour on a daily basis, their lung capacity will be enhanced no later than six weeks. Moreover, when practicing a method of athletic training using combined sprinting and jogging, increases your fitness compared to slow stroll.  

An outdoor stroll also has a valuable effect onto mental health. People when closer to nature, away from the modern technology, tend to feel less stressed, less depressed and happier. Outdoor strolling is also beneficial in the struggle with one of the leading modern epidemic disorders; the vitamin D deficiency. Being exposed to the sunlight has certainly its say on this issue. However, walking indoors is beneficial as well. According to a recent research, people walking on a treadmill responded as they have been walking outside. Regarding the mental health we can conclude that no matter if indoors or outdoors, walking surely surpasses sitting.   

Just like a stroll in the park or the woods

Normally, having pain makes us keep our hands off it. But the recommendations are on the contrary; the higher mobility the lower the risk of injuries. Therefore, all of the aerobic exercises –where walking is not an exception – help to toughen the muscles, the bones and especially the joints. They need to be at a state of higher mobility in order to get fluids that lower the risk of speed deterioration.

Consequently, if you want to lower the level of cholesterol, the risk of stroke or diabetes, even the risk of hypertension, just take up walking –state officials from the American Heart Association. Their recommendations regarding the optimal activity level include two and a half hours of moderate activity or one hour and a quarter of harder exercises. In addition, everyone can set their pace and divide the time of the exercising according to their own daily routines, as long as they eventually achieve the recommended amount.

Besides all these benefits, walking helps with regulation of sleeping as well. It is concluded that a moderate stroll will help to lower the time needed to fall asleep as well as lengthen the duration of quality sleep. These results are particularly proven with people that suffer from insomnia after just one night of exercising.  

The Evident Facts

A meticulous study carried out for eleven years, encompassing examines from 7 countries, showed that practicing strolling on a daily basis has lowered the risk from cardiovascular diseases by more than 31% and lowered the risk of death by 32%. Thus following these recommendations can easily make your life three to seven years longer. Not only being a simple habit, it surely can turn into the most enjoyable part of your day, especially when you take into consideration that it is working as an anti-aging tool for your mind and body.  

Finally, if you find it difficult to work out or visiting the gym is only a promise for the next week, try to consider walking. After all a pair of sneakers and half an hour a day is an investment we can all take.