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Improve Your Health, Lose Weight And Detox Your Body Completely In Only 3 Days!


The most common culprits for weight gain are carbs and fats. Sugar is also one of them. People mostly consume great amounts of sugar and aren’t even aware of that. There are some foods that we eat every day which contain plenty of sugar like: cereals, yogurts, soft drinks, salad dressings, sweets and juices.

There are also numerous natural foods that contain high contents of sugar: fruit juice, bananas, raisins and organic honey which experts recommend to be included in diets.

When we intake too much sugar, numerous symptoms can appear: yeast infections, depression, sinus issues, hyperactivity, headaches, sleeping troubles, fatigue and colds. You can overdose in sugar and it can even cause the appearance of some very serious diseases like cancer and diabetes.


When we intake sugar, our body usually tries to uses the greatest part of it so that it can create energy. When we’ve taken too much sugar, there is a certain amount that is left unused. This becomes stored in our body like fat.

Added sugar and natural sugar are different. When you intake added sugar, your body identifies it like bacteria and it increases the levels of your blood sugar. It usually appears as fat on our waist, hips and thighs.

Improve your health and lose weight with this three-day sugar detoxification!

Day 1

Breakfast – Take one cup of mixed oats with some berries, seeds and almonds.

Snack – Eat one bowl of mixed nuts.

Lunch – Take some chicken breasts and cook them with squash, carrots, beets, turnips, almonds, beans and parsnips.

Dinner – Broil a bowl of green beans and some fish.

Day 2

Breakfast – Take one cup of oats and mix it with some seeds, berries and almonds.

Snack – Eat one bowl of mixed nuts.

Lunch – Take some cabbage salad and mix it with some salt, olive oil, lemon, chopped parsley and shredded carrots.

Dinner – Consume some steamed vegetable casserole with some bean soup.

Day 3

Breakfast – Take one cup of oats with some almonds, seeds and berries.

Snack – Take one bowl of mixed nuts.

Lunch – Roast some chicken thighs with lemon, sage and rosemary.

Dinner – Combine some garlic broth, bay leaves, mushrooms, celery, onion, carrots and thyme.


Detoxification water –Combine some blueberries, a chopped orange and a grapefruit into a jar with water. Keep this mixture in the fridge. Consume it every day.

Tea –Take any herbal tea or green tea several times every day. Don’t add any sweeteners.

Coffee –Drink one cup of black coffee every day. Don’t add cream or sugar!



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