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These Houseplants Can Clean The Air In Your Home Of Toxins


We are constantly bombarded with toxins and chemicals everywhere we turn – they are in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the items we use every day. It gets even worse inside – our homes are full of dangerous chemicals and toxins that can significantly affect our health. However, there is a solution that can help – according to professor Vadoud Niri and his team of scientists, there are many plants you can easily grow at home which will subdue the effect of these chemicals.

Different plants work for different chemicals – for example, the jade plant can remove toluene from the air, while English ivy is great for asthmatic people and smokers as well. Here are the 12 plants which will absorb harmful chemicals in your home:

English ivy

This plant can absorb and filter cigarette smoke from the air, effectively protecting your respiratory health.

Ficus elastica

The ficus elastica plant can fight different microorganisms and toxins and also absorb odors in your home.

Snake plant

Snake plant is one of the most powerful formaldehyde removers, and also releases oxygen in the air overnight, which makes it a great addition to your bedroom.


Just like the snake plant, philodendron can remove formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals from the air.

Palm tree

Having a palm tree in your home will regulate the humidity levels and make your room look much better.

Chlorophytum comosum

This unusual and rare plant can remove o and p-Xylene, toxic compounds most often found in fuel. Smokers can benefit from it as well, as it removes carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air.


Bromeliads have a nice red color which will definitely enrich the look of your home. They can also absorb more than 90% of the benzene in the air, which is often a part of detergents, paint, glue and furniture wax.

Caribbean tree cactus

This plant can absorb ethylbenzene from the air which is present in electronic devices, toys, garden care products and food packaging as well.


The dracaena plant can absorb acetone from the air and drastically improve its quality.


Ferns can raise the humidity in the air and work great for dry homes.

Peace lily

Peace lily is a great option for people who work on computers all day long as it absorbs most of the electromagnetic radiation electronic devices leak.