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Homemade Sourdough Bread: Better for Blood Sugar and Won’t Hurt Your Gut Like Gluten


When it comes to eating healthy food and having a balanced nutrition, it is recommended to avoid eating bread of any kind.

Bread isn’t actually healthy nor nutritious.

Here are also some other reasons that can help you avoid adding it into your everyday diet:

It creates levels of blood sugar that are low or high all the time:

Amylopectin-A is a compound almost every type of bread is full of. Starch contains it and we intake it inside our organism. The body starts reacting by creating levels of sugar that are sometimes very high and sometimes very low. This is also a compound which can develop insulin-resistance which we know causes the appearance of diabetes type 2.

You can become addicted to eating bread:

People become euphoric when they eat bread, so they only want more of it. You’ll see that after a while, you won’t be able to eliminate it from your nutrition that easily.

Bread creates mucus:

Bread makes our airways blocked and clogged, so it causes problems with our respiratory system.

Bread is full of gluten:

When whole foods contain gluten, it isn’t dangerous, but unfortunately, there are numerous people who are sensitive to gluten nowadays, so it can be quite dangerous.

Your stomach has to work more in order to digest it:

Bread is full of different starches as well as gluten, so our stomach uses strong acids and we need a lot of time to digest it. Numerous digestive problems will arise because of this.

Bread is low in nutritional value:

During the process of bread preparation, the nutrients it contains become lost.

It is full of phytates:

These are plant anti-nutrients which can cause problems when it comes to absorbing minerals and vitamins.

This certainly makes you have numerous questions. Are even breads with seeds or other types of flour healthy? That’s why, here we’re going to present you another type of bread that you can consider healthier than most: sourdough bread!

Why Is Sourdough Bread Considered Healthier Than Most?

1. This type of bread is full of Lactobacillus or otherwise known as good bacteria as well as wild yeast.

Both of the ingredients have the ability to predigest starches, so the stomach works better and isn’t overburdened.

The good bacteria produces more lactic acid. Also, the phytates contained in flour often have negative effects which are prevented by these bacteria. Sourdough bread contains a wide variety of mineral, healthy nutrients and vitamins.

Lactic acid will decrease the way glucose becomes released inside the bloodstream, so there won’t be any blood glucose spikes. People have a decreased risk of having high levels of blood sugar or otherwise called hyperglycemia.

While the fermentation lasts, there are other kinds of good bacteria that can flourish inside your gut, so they’ll become much healthier.

2. This type of bread is abundant in nutrients.

This bread isn’t even similar to other breads that we buy every day. It is full of thiamin, vitamins B12, B1-B6, E, folate, niacin, selenium, riboflavin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, magnesium and also very healthy fatty acids.

It doesn’t contain any kind of toxic preservative, because it is full of acetic acid known to be a natural type of a preservative. It can prevent any mold from growing.

3. People sensitive to gluten can eat it without problems.  

This is because of the process of fermentation of this kind of bread. The good bacteria come into place and all the gluten proteins are broken.

Many experiments on this bread have proven that the intestinal lining of people who are gluten intolerant is protected when they intake more of this bread. None of the other types of bread does this.

Still, you have to be aware that there are types of sourdough bread which also contain gluten. In case your sensitivity to gluten is extremely severe or you may have Celiac disease, try to find a recipe for a sourdough bread that doesn’t contain gluten.

You can eat this type of bread and stay healthy. You just have to do it moderately!