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Your High Functioning Anxiety Makes You Do These 11 Things And Other People Don’t Realize You Have It


One of the most common health problems which often goes overlooked is anxiety. Many people can’t understand that it leaves terrible effects to a person. They just think that people who are anxious are irresponsible, lazy and passive.

In this article, we’re going to present you several things that will help you understand anxiety more. In case you are an anxious person, you’ll surely agree with them.

1. Decline invites although you may want to go

You may have great plans for certain days, but unfortunately, when the day comes, you become under the influence of anxiety. You lack the will and energy to go out or do anything.

You become aware of your condition or you may feel like you’re a burden to the area where you should go. You cancel everything and stay at home.

2. There are some things that people don’t even notice, but you become obsessed over them

Someone may glance at you without an intention or they may say something very simple, but you start to think about it all the time. It may even take days! You obsess over anything. It may have happened even a year ago, but you still think about it.

It may be that someone hasn’t replied to your text message after a while or a very simple conversation. You may even start thinking a lot if a stranger looks at you. Many people would agree that you shouldn’t even notice these things.

3. Go to bed late, wake up early in the morning

Sleeping is certainly one of your greatest problems. You think about how the whole day has passed and you really have difficulties falling asleep.

In the morning, anxiety attacks again. You feel very tired and can’t get up even after several alarms.

4. You think about the worst in every situation

You can’t enjoy anything. All you do is think about the worst case scenario. In case of a first date, all you do is think that anything could go wrong.

In case of a sickness, you think that you have the worst disease ever. Your mind is constantly telling you that everything will turn out wrong.

5. You rewind conversations in your head – over and over again

It doesn’t matter who you talked with. You replay the whole conversation all the time and you’re afraid that you might have said something wrong.

It starts to haunt you, but you have a solution. You just have to think that it’s your anxiety that’s talking. There is nothing wrong with the whole conversation.

6. When someone is worried about you, you become more worried about that even if it’s not true

Someone of your closest people starts worrying about you. Suddenly, your anxiety attacks and you start worrying about the same thing more and more. It only takes someone to ask you if you’re OK. You start fearing for your state and yourself.  

In time, you feel much worse.

7. If you’ve written to someone and they don’t reply to you, you think it’s your fault

No matter who you’re communicating with, you start worrying too much if they don’t respond to you at the moment. All you can think is whether you had done something wrong.

Instead, try to think that they’re maybe working or they’re doing something where they can’t respond immediately.

8. When you think about the future, you’re having a breakdown

Most of the people you know really look forward to their future, but you’re afraid and even frustrated of it.

You may think that your future is going to be harder than your present, so you’re worried about that.

9. You always compare your success to others who are your age

You may not want to compare yourself to the other people at your age, but it’s inevitable. You just look at everything they post on the social networks and you become obsessed with it.

You start wondering if you’re ever going to succeed in life like they did and you’re worried all the time.

10. Any mistake you make becomes your obsession

The worst mistakes are at work. You become obsessed with it and question yourself how could you do that.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s always your anxiety that’s talking. It’s your worst enemy.

11. There are times when you’re mentally and even physically exhausted to get out of your bed

It’s the anxiety that takes away your energy. You can’t function properly. All you want to do is stay in bed and sleep all the time. It’s a kind of paralysis caused by anxiety. Remind yourself that it’s the anxiety that causes it all the time. It’s not you.