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Here’s How To Remove Your Double Chin Without Getting Plastic Surgery


Even if you’re in shape and look great, there’s still the problem of your face looking bad. The extra fat on your face can become quite a big aesthetic problem and make you look worse than ever. Double chin and other fat-related problems on the face are quite hard to ignore, so many women are left wondering how they can get the excess fat off their face.

The bad news is that the excess fat from the face is difficult to get rid of. There are no gym exercises you can do for it and dieting doesn’t guarantee results as well. However, there are other ways of removing the excess fat from your face without getting plastic surgery.

Why Do Our Faces Store Fat?

More than any other body part, the face speaks volumes about our diet and lifestyle. Although some people stay slim despite eating cakes every day, others still have love handles while spending hours at the gym. Our face is a map of all our good and bad habits, so in order to decrease the fat from it, you need to make major lifestyle changes. Here are 3 facial exercises that can help:

Facial Muscles Exercise

There’s no machine at the gym for your face muscles, but there are exercises you can do at home to strengthen them. Exercising specific muscles in your face will reduce the amount of fat on it and erase the dreaded double chin as well, perhaps the most annoying part of excess fat on the face.

Chin Raises

To get rid of the double chin, you should try chin raises. They’re simple to perform – tilt your head up, purse your lips and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise until your muscles are tired.

Cheek Exercises

Another part of the face which might accumulate fat are the cheeks. To work your cheek muscles and melt the fat, suck them in while pursing your lips then quickly try smiling. This will remove the excess fat from your cheeks and jaw and make you look much better.

Full Body Fat Burn

Of course, losing some weight is required if you want to lose your excess face fat. Losing fat from your arms, legs and whole body will make a big change in your appearance. This can be done in many ways and we’ve listed the best solutions below.

Cutting Calories

Cutting calories from your diet is a sure way of losing weight. You’re still going to have some but cutting them down to a minimum will help you lose weight and burn the fat from your body including the face. Counting calories can also help prevent weight gain. The final option is to work hard at the gym to burn more calories than you consume, although it’s also the hardest one.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

yogurt breakfast

Never skip breakfast – it’s a bad habit that can ruin your health and make you gain weight. Breakfast should be eaten in order to boost your metabolism and prepare your body for the day ahead. You should eat a meal rich in complex carbs and protein which will jumpstart your body and help you get in shape.

Avoid Consuming Sugar

Bloated facial features are not always a sign of excess fat on the face – they might indicate fluid retention as well. Too much water in the neck and face will make you feel bigger than you really are and the main cause of this are sugar and salt. Both can be found in processed foods, canned goods and store-bought meat. Instead of these foods, switch to lean protein and fresh fruit and veggies in order to prevent fluid retention and reduce the size of your face.

Stop Drinking So Often

You may not think that alcohol can puff up your face, but it actually can. Drinking a glass of wine every day is considered healthy and safe but drinking more than that will make your face puffy and bloated. Alcohol affects the salivary glands, the primary glands in the face. It makes them swell and makes your face look bigger and bloated. The good news is that the fix is simple – just try drinking slightly less alcohol and your face will soon get in shape.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your face slimmer and get rid of the double chin. Avoid too much sugar, alcohol and salt, stick to a healthy diet and try the aforementioned exercises in order to look better than ever.