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Here’s How Reflexology Can Help You Calm Your Baby Down


Reflexology is an ancient practice of stimulating certain points on the body as a way of alleviating pain. Reflexology is a completely natural way of relieving different kinds of pain and is especially effective for babies who are crying because something hurts.

If your baby is fussy and you simply can’t stop it crying, you should probably try relieving it with reflexology. Before starting, give your baby a foot rub and a warm bath in order to boost the blood flow and make things easier.

Here’s how to use reflexology to relieve different kinds of pain in your child:

Toothache and Headache

Both headaches and toothaches are pretty common in babies and are one of the biggest reasons they’re crying all the time. To relieve it, massage the underside of your baby’s toes with gentle pressure and they should settle down soon enough.

Sinus Pain

Sinus pain can be agony for adults, so imagine what’s it’s doing to babies. Luckily, massaging the underside of the baby’s toes with gentle pressure can relieve the pain and stop their cries.

Chest Congestion

To relieve chest congestion and symptoms such as coughing that are making your baby fussy, massage the feet pads just under the toes and above the arch of your feet. Massage with gentle pressure in circular movement and your baby should breathe easier soon.


If your child is crying because of upset tummy, stomachache or some kind of other digestive problem, you can massage the center of their feet just below the foot pads. This area is known as the solar plexus and contains a collection of nerves which connect the stomach and lungs.

Upper and Lower Abdominal Pain

Heartburn, constipation or indigestion can cause upper or lower pain in your baby’s abdomen and make them cry loud. To relieve this type of pain, massage the area between your baby’s foot pads and the middle of the foot. If your baby’s also bloated and gassy, you should massage the area between their heel and the middle of their feet.

Pelvic Pain

If your baby is unsettled by hip pain due to growing, you should rub their heel with steady, but gentle pressure.

Although reflexology can help treat these kinds of pain, if the problem is more serious you should visit a doctor. If your baby’s crying because of an upset tummy and you don’t know what to do, you can try reflexology for some much needed relief.