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Here’s A Recipe To Prepare lavender lemonade That Will Help You Against Anxiety And Headaches!


Headaches and anxiety are two of the most common health problems nowadays. There are medicines which doctors can prescribe that solve the problem only temporarily, but some people have side-effects and numerous other health problems because of them.

Luckily, nature has its own ways to help us treat these health problems but one of the best ones includes lavender lemonade!

Lavender Oil

Lavender is abundant in medicinal properties. Still, adding some of it in your lemonade will help you ripe all of its medicinal properties. This amazing herb with a wonderful aroma is excellent for relaxation of your mind and body.

You have an option to use the lavender flower or you can also add some lavender oil. Whatever suits you the best!

Lavender oil is one of the best aromatherapy oils. It’s extremely powerful and it’s got some amazing properties for your home but also for your own health!

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil contains about 150 active compounds. It can help in a wide variety of illnesses. Its properties are: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antidepressant, sedative analgesic, detoxifier, antispasmodic and hypotensive.

According to some researches performed on Florida, most of the researchers confirmed that lavender is very beneficial in reducing the pulse rates as well as the anxiety. There were even cases where lavender has been used in hospitals before surgeries as an aromatherapy procedure. The patients were more relaxed and distressed before surgeries.

Lavender essential oil can also improve insomnia, help you ease your labor pains, but also reduce depression. It’s also beneficial in cases of any pain relief, sinus congestion and hangovers.

Clinical Trials on Lavender Aromatherapy

Here are some of the most famous clinical trials about aromatherapy with lavender oil:

  • Dunn and colleagues performed a research where they gave lavender oil to patients who were in intensive care units. Even in the first treatment there were positive results.
  • Alaoui-Ismaili and colleagues managed to discover changes in their patients’ autonomic nervous system.
  • Tysoe and colleagues were the ones who performed a research on a hospital staff. All of the staff claimed that their work environment has been improved because of the lavender oil burners they had around.
  • Diego and colleagues managed to prove improved mood and decreased anxiety in their patients after only 3 minutes of inhaling this amazing oil. The patients also had increased speed of mathematical calculations and increased scores of alpha power on EEG (an indicator of alertness).
  • Lewith and colleagues managed to discover the beneficial effect lavender oil had on female patients who were on chronic hemodialysis.
  • Still, there should be performed numerous studies more, but lavender oil has the ability to calm pain and stop the urge to take some conventional analgesic in children and adults.

DIY Lavender Lemonade

  • 1/4 cup of dried lavender
  • 6 lemons, peeled and juiced
  • 5 cups of pure water
  • 1 cup of raw honey
  • Lavender sprigs for garnish


First, put ½ of the water in a pan and leave it to boil. Then, remove it from the heat. After that, add the lavender along with the honey in the water. Leave it steep for at least 20 minutes. After the time passes, strain the mixture and transfer it into another pot or a container. Then, add the rest of the water along with the lemon juice. Stir everything well. Keep it in the fridge.  

Other Ways To Use Lavender for Anxiety and Headaches

  • In case you have dry skin, mix 5 or 6 drops of lavender essential oil into your bath. It will be smoother significantly!
  • You can use 10 or 12 drops of lavender essential oil and diffuse them in the air od the room where you work. You’ll be relieved of stress and you’ll work better.  
  • Mix some other organic oil like for example olive oil or almond oil with only 2 drops of lavender oil. Apply it on your skin using massage movements. Your skin will be very improved, but you’ll also ward off any insect of you and you’ll be much more relaxed.