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Here’s What Position You Should Sleep in In Cases Of Certain Health Problems


Sleeping is one of the most important factors for our wellbeing. We need to sleep at least 7-8 hours overnight in order to make our body function properly. By sleeping that much, we spend nearly 25 years of our life in our beds, which makes it a big part of our life. And, although how much we sleep is certainly important, according to experts, the position we sleep in is highly important as well.

How our sleeping position affects our health

Experts say that the position we sleep in has an either negative or positive effect on our health. There are positions you should sleep in and avoid depending on the problem you’re suffering from. Continue reading the text below to see the ideal sleeping positions for different health problems.

Shoulder pain

If your shoulder hurts, it’s obvious you should sleep on the opposite side. Keep your knees bent as well to reduce the load on the painful shoulder and sleep better.

Back pain

In cases of back pain, it’s best to sleep on the back with a pillow (or towel) under your back. Put a towel under your knees as well in order to reduce the pain.

Neck pain

In cases of neck pain, put a towel or small pillow under it.


Experts say that headaches are caused by twisting of the neck overnight, so it makes perfect sense to surround your head with pillows in order to prevent this.

Sinus problems

Sinusitis pain can be avoided by sleeping on a couple of extra pillows with an elevated head. This will also prevent the mucus from leaking in the sinuses and creating extra pressure.

High blood pressure

Experts say that people suffering from high blood pressure should sleep with their face down on the stomach in order to prevent problems overnight.

PMS pain

If you’re in pain because of PMS, you should keep your spine straight by sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees.

Digestive problems

Sleeping on the left side boosts your digestion as the stomach is on that side of the body. If you’re suffering from any kind of digestive problem, you should sleep on the left side of your body.


As we said, any kind of digestive problem can be relieved by sleeping on the left side of the body.