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Here’s What You Need to Know About People Suffering from Concealed Depression


Concealed Depression – a Silent Killer

Not everyone knows how to express emotions and not bottle them up inside. It’s easy to say “You need to vent” to someone that needs to relax, but doing it actually requires a lot of energy. Depression is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in recent times and affects numerous aspects of our lives. It seeks to consume our life and soul, poisoning us with hopelessness and sadness when we should be out enjoying life to the fullest.

On a positive note, depression can be cured. However, the sufferer must be open to talk about it. People have problems admitting they’re depressed. They’d rather stick to pills than openly admit it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even the strongest people can be hit by depression. You need to talk about it or you’ll make things worse. If you just let it pass away, you’ll get hit by what’s known as concealed depression.

Concealed depression is pretty common right now and is the first step toward depression. It can affect anyone regardless of gender or age and is very dangerous.

Here are some things you need to know about people struggling with concealed depression:

They Are Talented and Skilled

Depression can’t be masked. It takes a lot of skill to try and hide it, making those who can conceal their depressive thoughts really talented people. It’s hard to laugh at things when you’re dying on the inside. It takes a lot of strength to battle through it all and waltz through life when you’re fighting demons that are hard to defeat.

They Do Cry for Help, Although Not in a Way That You’d Expect

People suffering from concealed depression do cry out for help, but not by wailing how hard life is. They do it on a low key and dream that someone recognizes their cries. If you notice the signs, act before it’s too late.

They Work Hard to Appear Happy

Even standing up in the morning and showing up for work is hard for people that are depressed. They work overtime in order to keep their minds occupied and appear happy to the outside world. They don’t want your pity and prefer to deal with their problems on their own. When they’re with others, they will do anything it takes to conceal the misery on their face.

The Pain of Others Triggers Their Own

Whenever depressed people see others in pain, it triggers their own pain. It only takes a little to activate it. As soon as it’s active, it will start destroying things over and over again.

They Have Activities that Soothe the Pain

Yoga, watching TV, running or cooking are just some of the activities people suffering from concealed depression love. It takes their mind off the pain and helps them relax before the next wave strikes.

They’re Aware of All the Substances That Can Help

Aside from antidepressants, they know which substances might lighten up their mood. We’re not talking about drugs. Caffeine + sugar is among the most common antidepressant combos. However, the problem with both is that they’re pretty addictive and can cause a variety of other problems.

They Have Vivid Imagination

People who live with concealed depression have a pretty vivid imagination. They can fabricate stories and tell them as if they were the truth. They can smoothly maneuver around every topic that puts them in the hot seat just so they can cover up their depression.

They Crave Love and Attention

Although saying such a thing may make them look needy and clingy, people who live with concealed depression need all the love, acceptance, and attention they can get. Connecting with others will ease their pain and make them forget everything for a while.

They Need a Clear Purpose in Life

These people are always searching for their place in the universe. Finding such a purpose will ease their misery and pain and make them feel whole. It will give meaning to their lives and possibly get them out of the darkness.

Their Mind is Always Running

Those who suffer from concealed depression don’t know how to relax. They have no idea how to calm their thoughts down. They reflect on unfortunate and sad events all day long and worry about the future, which only deepens their problems.

They Always Think About the Worst

Perhaps the worst thing about depression are the negative thoughts that occur to these people. Their minds are always on, ruminating on the negative things that are dragging them down. The fear of progress really limits their views and digs the hole deeper and deeper.

They May Be Suicidal

Not all depressive people are suicidal, but the majority may be. Death becomes the only option to calm down their minds and fight the dark thoughts back. If you notice that one of your close friends or family members is depressed, talk to them before things get out of hand.