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Here’s How To Use Baking Soda Against Various Health And Beauty Problems


Baking soda is one of the cheapest and most effective remedies against almost any kind of ailment. The powder can treat flu and colds, alkalize your body and prevent a host of diseases and conditions. Additionally, baking soda can also keep your skin healthy and clean, and has numerous other beauty uses as well.

Baking soda is essentially sodium bicarbonate, a compound which our kidneys produce naturally in small amounts. The body uses the compound to neutralize acidity in the body thanks to its alkaline nature. By regulating your pH levels, baking soda can prevent various infections and kidney stones as well while also treating various diseases and conditions.

Here’s how to use baking soda in different ways:

1. Brush your teeth with some baking soda every few days to whiten your teeth and prevent infections in the oral cavity

2. Pour a glass of water and add some baking soda in it then gargle the mixture to treat bad breath

3. Rub a paste of water and baking soda on your nails to prevent fungal infections

4. Use the same paste on your face to exfoliate and clean your skin and prevent a variety of skin disorders;

5. Drink a glass of water with some baking soda to relieve muscle and joint pain

6. Add a bit of salt and baking soda in a bowl of water as well as some peppermint essential oil, then soak your feet in it to relax them and prevent foot odor

7. A paste of water and baking soda can be used to relieve insect bites and stings as well as canker sores and herpes infections

Reduce the acidity in your body with this recipe

Our body needs to be in an alkaline state in order for everything to function properly. Baking soda can be used to neutralize acidity in your body and prevent problems such as acid reflux. Just add ½ a teaspoon of the powder and a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of warm water, then let the reaction pass before drinking the mixture. This incredible drink will neutralize the acidity in your blood and treat and prevent a variety of problems.

Baking soda against cancer

Many experts have been suggesting that baking soda can actually destroy cancer cells. Dr. Tulio Simonchini is an Italian doctor who has spearheaded the claim and was even banned from practice due to it. According to him, cancer is a simple fungus which can be destroyed by baking soda if you know how to prepare it.

To eliminate the fungus, all you need to do is consume a bit of honey or molasses with a bit of baking soda. The same mixture along with a bit of water can be used against candidiasis. To destroy oral thrush, gargle a mixture made with baking soda and water a few times a day. Finally, add a teaspoon of baking soda in 250 ml. of lemon juice and drink the mixture to treat urinary tract infections.

Although pretty much safe for every age group, baking soda remedies are not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 5. Always dissolve baking soda before using it, and avoid it if you’re sensitive to sodium. Furthermore, we suggest consulting your doctor before you choose to use these remedies.



  1. I find the remedies most interesting but there is no mention of how much to use per suggested remedy. Is it a tsp, tbsp, or ?ounces?????

  2. You can YouTube baking soda cancer remedy. I think this works for most diseases but for cancer i know for sure. It works. I’ve witnessed it 3 times now. Baking soda, about half tsp. Mixed with molasses tbsp. And mixed in cup of warm water 2x per day, for week. Then up the baking soda to a tsp. And follow same instructions otherwise. Meanwhile eat as close to an all fruit diet that you can. Take extra vit. C daily and in less then a month, a couple weeks really it will have almost if not completely healed you. Continue remedy for a year couple weeks out of each month to maintain. Try to avoid sugar, red meats and dairy. Those are triggers, so if not completely avoid them then at least be conscious about limiting them. And…. drink as much natural grape juice as possible. Welchs natural works. Grape juice is important. You can substitute grapes but they are very expensive.

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