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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking For 2 Weeks!


We all love having a drink or two every day, as alcohol relaxes us and helps us forget all about the problems we’re facing during the day. However, drink a bit more than that, and you’ll be stuck with a hangover in the morning which may even make you unable to function at work. The effects of drinking alcohol are rarely unnoticed – from the headaches in the morning to the brain fog during the day, alcohol has a deeply negative effect on our health. If you want to see how much it hurts your body, just stop drinking for 2 weeks.

Here’s what happens in your body when you give up alcohol for a couple of weeks:

You’ll lose some weight

Alcohol is rich in calories, with one cocktail containing up to 700 calories. Cocktails and frozen alcoholic delights also contain a lot of sugar, which can destroy your whole body and alter your mood. Even a slight hangover can disrupt your daily activities and will make you eat something greasy which can soak up the alcohol. Alcohol has also been known to prevent muscle development and interfere with your workouts. All of this will lead to inevitable weight gain. Stop drinking it, however, and you will find yourself brimming with energy and fitter than ever.

You’ll be sleeping better and waking up fresh

If you make drinking alcohol into a habit, it can seriously hamper your sleeping patterns. Alcohol disrupts the deep stages of your sleep, which makes you wake up without energy. Yes, alcohol can make you fall asleep easier, but it will also reduce your REM sleep, which will leave you without energy in the morning and may also cause loss of focus. Give up alcohol for a couple of weeks, and you’ll be able to restore your sleeping pattern and wake up fresh and reenergized.

You’ll feel happier

Alcohol has been linked to depression and feeling blue, and it’s no wonder it does as it changes the way your body reacts to stress. A drink may help you relax a bit, but contrary to popular belief, drowning your sorrows in alcohol won’t make the problem go away. In fact, alcohol has been linked to prolonged feelings of anxiety and depression. Stop drinking, and you will restore your emotional balance and clear your mind.

You’ll look glowing

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body inside and out, which can lead to dry and irritated skin. Alcohol destroys our liver and overloads it with sugar and toxins, which results in impairing the liver’s ability to clean the blood and an increase in the risk of liver failure. When you stop drinking, your skin will get its natural glow back and you’ll definitely feel and look much better.

Saves you money

Most people aren’t aware of how much money can be saved by quitting alcohol. A beer (or some other drink) in a bar usually costs $5-10, and if you go out frequently, the money will easily add up. Quit drinking for a month and you’ll be able to save a nice sum of money which you can use on something you previously weren’t able to get.

Hey, it’s just a few drinks!

Having a drink or two every now and then isn’t unhealthy, but drinking 2 or more drinks every day can slowly destroy your liver over time. Quitting alcohol for even 2 weeks will restart your body and allow it to detoxify itself. In this way, it will also refresh your mind.