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Here’s How To Eliminate Bedbugs Naturally Once And For All


Even hearing the word bedbugs is enough to make chills run down your spine. Knowing that you’re sleeping on bedbugs sounds disgusting, and the microscopic critters are pretty hard to eliminate as well. They feed on dead skin cells and old red blood cells as well, and are generally active overnight.

Female bedbugs lay thousands of eggs in our beds and reproduce at an incredible rate. The tiny eggs can be easily spread around your home, resulting in bedbugs all around your rooms, which doesn’t sound exactly pleasant. Plus, the critters have been related to asthma flareups, allergies and even some psychological problems.

How to detect bedbugs

If you have bedbugs in your mattress and bed, you’ll experience an itching sensation all over your body once you get up in the morning. The insect bites area can become reddish and swollen, and there might be blood stains on your pillows and sheets. The feces the critters leave behind are another big problem. They can easily trigger allergies and asthma attacks, and if the bedbugs infest more rooms in your home, they may cause even bigger problems.

How to get rid of bedbugs

Although they can become a pretty serious problem and getting rid of them is hard, eliminating bedbugs it’s not impossible. Cleaning every corner of your home thoroughly is a must, and washing the linens, sheets and pillow cases regularly is also important. When vacuuming, make sure to clean all the furniture and throw out the vacuum bag right away. Steaming can help as well, and freezing (at temperatures below -17C) will definitely kill the bedbugs.

Home remedies for bed bugs

Bedbugs can also be eliminated with some home remedies – we suggest using essential oils which are quite effective and easy to work with. Here are the best natural remedies for bed bugs:

Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a non-toxic insecticide that can eliminate almost all pests in your garden and home. It’s safe to use and can be sprinkled in any area in your home. Sprinkle the powder on your bed, mattress and anywhere you think the bugs reside, then leave it to work for 3 days before vacuuming. In order not to allow another infestation, throw the vacuum bag in a garbage outside.

Tea tree oil

Mix a few teaspoons of tea tree oil with 50 ml. of water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture all around your home. The oil is highly effective against pests and will even kill the bedbug’s eggs.

Clove oil

Clove oil is a powerful insecticide that can destroy the parasites quickly. Mix a teaspoon of clove oil with a cup of water and spray the mixture all around your home to get rid of bedbugs.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is another powerful insecticide that also works as a cytotoxin which will destroy the bedbugs pretty effectively. Add 15 drops of the oil and 50 ml. of water in a spray bottle and shake well, then spray the mixture everywhere in your home. For even better results, mix 15 drops of lavender oil with the same amount of peppermint oil, then spray the mixture all around your home.


Thyme or thymol oil is one of the most powerful insecticides that exist. Just tie a thyme in a cloth and burn it in your bedroom or whatever place the bedbugs have infested, or put a bag of thyme leaves on the infested areas and replace them every 3 days.

Citronella spray

Citronella or lemongrass oil has incredible insecticide properties and can destroy the bedbugs and their eggs as well. Just add 10 drops of the oil and some water in a spray bottle and use the remedy on the affected areas.

Bean leaves

According to studies, bean leaves contain trichomes, microscopic hairs which can hook on the bedbugs’ legs and trap them. Scatter a handful of bean leaves on your mattress and let them work for a few days before replacing them with new ones. In this way, the bedbugs will be eliminated once and for all.

Eucalyptus oil

This oil can be found in most cosmetic products, but it’s also a powerful insect repellent. Add 30 drops of the oil in 2 l. of water and 1.5 oz. of vodka or witch hazel, then spray the mixture all around your house every 4 hours for best results.

Sweet flag

Sweet flag is a Eurasian perennial plant that is a powerful insecticide that offers quite a lot of health benefits. According to studies, sweet flag can certainly destroy bedbugs if used regularly. Boil 1 l. of water and add 50 gr. of turmeric and 100 gr. sweet flag, then simmer the mixture for about an hour before putting it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all around your home and you will never have to fear bedbugs again.

Orange oil

Mix 2 oz. orange oil with 1 oz. molasses, a cup of compost tea and 4 l. of water and spray the mixture on your mattress and all around your home to get rid of bedbugs once and for all.