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Here’s How To Eliminate Bed Bugs Simply And Quickly


Not a long time ago, scientists gave everyone a reason not to be seen as lazy when not making their beds in the morning. According to experts, making your bed right after getting from bed is actually harmful, as it traps millions of dust mites in the sheets which can aggravate asthma symptoms and cause allergies.

Yes, that’s right – there are millions of these mites living in your bed and feeding on your sweat and dead skin cells. The key to killing them is to leave them exposed to sunlight, which means you must leave your bed unmade in the morning.

According to Dr. Stephen Pretlove from Kingston University, when you immediately make your bed after a night of sleeping you’re trapping dead skin cells, body heat and sweat inside the sheets, allowing the mites to feed and survive. However, leaving your bed unmade will expose them to air and sunlight, which can dry their weak bodies and kill them quickly.

We sweat a lot overnight, with studies suggesting that the average Joe sweats up to 1 liter of fluids while sleeping. This, combined with the shedding of dead skin cells, is the reason why the mites survive for a long time. Studies have shown that a single bed might hold up to 1.5 million dust mites, but the problem is not in their numbers.

In fact, it’s their “droppings” that are dangerous. Although harmless in any other way, the mite’s excretion has an inflammatory effect on our bodies and is responsible for asthma attacks and respiratory flareups.

Carolyn Forte from the Good Housekeeping Institute agrees with Dr. Pretlove and also recommends leaving the bed unmade. Washing your sheets is another important thing in cases of dust mites. Make sure to give them and the pillowcases a wash every 2 weeks in order to kill the mites left behind.

“A simple thing like leaving the bed unmade after sleeping can remove the moisture from the sheets and dehydrate the mites,” Forte said. After a day their numbers should already be thinned out, allowing you to breathe easier and better. So, the next time someone calls you lazy when not making your bed, you have a great excuse.