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Here’s How Common Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health


The recommended sleeping time for adults overnight is somewhere between 6 to 8 hours. If you take our average lifespan into the equation, that accounts for at least 25 years of our life spent sleeping. That’s a lot, and it also means that sleeping is a vital part of our wellbeing.

And it really is – proper rest helps our brain and body regenerate and helps our tissues heal. However, it’s not just the amount of sleep we get that’s important for our health. The position we sleep in is important as well. Some positions help our body heal, while others harm our health. Here are a few common sleeping positions and the impact they have on our health:


You know the soldier pose – you sleep on your body with the hands beside your body. Now, although it is uncomfortable for some people, experts say that it’s the best possible position to sleep in.

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons:

  •         No headaches or wrinkles.
  •         Improves our posture.
  •         Keeps the spine, arms, and neck in perfect position.
  •         Relieves acid reflux.
  •         Ladies, this position keeps your breasts perky.
  •         Helps in cases of insomnia.
  •         Not suitable for pregnant women.
  •         Might trigger lower back pain.
  •         Not ideal for snorers.

The best way to sleep in this position is without a pillow. It will eliminate all the problems caused by it without sacrificing any of the benefits.

Bonus Tip

Add a large pillow under your knees for optimal comfort.


The starfish position is similar to the soldier position, with the exception of the arms raised on both sides of the head and the legs being stretched a bit. Here are its pros and cons:

  •         Great for insomniacs.
  •         Relieves acid reflux and prevents wrinkles.
  •         Keeps the spine and back in optimal position.
  •         Just like the soldier position, it aggravates snoring.

When sleeping in the starfish position, don’t use a pillow. Without it, your body will be aligned in a perfect way.

Log Position

Sleeping in this position means sleeping on one side of your body. You know, just like a log. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

  •         Prevents snoring.
  •         Ideal for pregnant women.
  •         Reduces neck and back pain.
  •         Keeps the natural shape of the spine.
  •         May cause wrinkles, saggy breasts, and aging skin.
  •         May trigger hip and back pain due to no support in the top part of the legs.
  •         Might cause neck pain for some people.

Ideally, sleeping in this position requires a large pillow. Adding a second one between your legs will reduce the risk of hip and back pain.


The yearner position is sleeping on the side with your legs slightly bent and the arms under the head.

  •         Relieves digestive problems including heartburn.
  •         Prevents back and neck pain.
  •         Prevents snoring.
  •         According to studies, the yearner position allows better cleaning of waste from the brain.
  •         Provides a deep, good night rest.
  •         Restricts proper blood flow to the organs.
  •         May accelerate skin aging.
  •         Causes saggy breasts.

For best results, use a satin pillow when sleeping in this position to reduce the risk of wrinkles. To support your legs and reduce back pain, put a pillow between your knees.


The fetal position is quite common, but it’s not without its problems. Here’s how it affects your health:

  •         Prevents snoring.
  •         Sleeping on the left side in this position eases acid reflux.
  •         Works great for pregnant women.
  •         May strain the neck and back.
  •         Increases the risk for saggy breasts and wrinkles.

When sleeping in the fetal position, make sure you use a firm pillow. Additionally, it’s best to alternate sides overnight and not get stuck in one.


Sleeping in the freefall position means sleeping on your stomach with an arm under your head. Experts recommend against it as it brings several problems.

  •         May reduce snoring.
  •         Stresses the internal organs.
  •         May cause lower back and neck pain.
  •         Increases the risk of wrinkles.

If you must sleep in this position, we suggest putting a pillow beneath your stomach. But, it’s best to avoid it if you want to keep your health in check. For best results, we suggest sleeping on your left side or the soldier position.