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Here’s How To Alkalize Your Body And Fight Cancer


Eating a proper and healthy diet is required if you want to ensure that you’ll stay healthy.

Being diagnosed with a serious condition means that you’re going to need to change your diet and lifestyle, and there’s mounting scientific evidence which shows a link between sugar-rich foods and diabetes or arthritis. The same goes for the deadliest disease of them all – cancer.

In cases of cancer, many experts suggest eating an alkaline diet which will neutralize the acidity in your body. Many of the foods we eat on a daily basis are creating a harmful acidic environment in our bodies, which makes us more prone to serious diseases.

Luckily, all of this can be resolved with the help of alkaline foods, which will create a hostile environment for cancer in your body. Many of the acidic foods we eat are highly inflammatory and are considered as one of the main sources of cancer.

The inflammatory process in the body is nothing harmful – it occurs after an injury and is meant to help the body heal. However, recurrent cases of inflammation will result in chronic inflammation which never ends, making cells divide out of control and damaging our DNA.

The common western diet is full of inflammatory and cancer-causing foods which should be substituted for alkaline ingredients. Here are 7 tips on how to make your body alkaline and prevent cancer:

1. Green veggies

Eating acidic foods will turn your intracellular pH to acidic and cause acidosis, a dangerous condition which creates the perfect environment for cancer to thrive in. Luckily, eating green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and kale can alkalize your body and reduce the risk of the awful disease.

2. Swap the proteins

When you cook meat on high temperatures, it releases HCA and PAH, chemicals that are mutagenic and may damage your DNA which will lead to cancer.

Deli meats are connected to increased risk of colorectal cancer, which is why you should swap your protein intake to grass-fed and free-range meat and meat products. Beans, peas, lentils and various nuts and seeds also contain a lot of protein, so you may want to include them in your diet as well.

3. Eliminate sugar from your diet

This is an absolutely essential step when fighting cancer. If you’re suffering from the disease, you must eliminate sugar from your diet as it keeps the cancer cells fed and allows them to grow. Sugar-rich foods will also make your pancreas produce more insulin which may lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

When eliminating sugar from your diet, you must also avoid the natural sugar found in honey and agave which can lead to magnesium deficiency and a higher risk of cancer.

4. Eliminate gluten from your diet

Gluten is a protein found in some grains which can cause inflammation and wreak havoc in your intestines. Gluten-free foods are better for your health, so make sure to introduce buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth and teff in your diet.

5. Avoid dairy products

There are many studies which relate dairy products with an increased risk of different types of cancer. Most dairy products contain casein, an inflammatory protein that can raise your risk of cancer. If you must have dairy products, go for almond or coconut milk.

6. Switch to heart-healthy oils for cooking

Corn, sunflower, soy oil, margarine and hydrogenated oils can interfere with proper electrical communication between your cells.

They will essentially create electrical “dead spots” in your body which can result in late receipt of important messages from the brain and increase the risk of several ailments. Instead of these oils, you should start using olive and coconut oil for cooking in order to keep your health in check.

7. Avoid alcohol

Instead of a beer or a glass of wine, go for a glass of water instead. In fact, you should only drink water in cases of cancer. Avoid drinking soft drinks and sodas as they are full of sugar and chemicals and make your own fruit and vegetable juice at home.

Instead of coffee, get an energizing detox shot which will have the same effect on your brain. Search the internet for alkaline water recipes – there are plenty of options to pick from.

In the beginning, enduring the changes will be tough, but you will be get used to it. In general, you should prepare your own meals and stay away from restaurants. A vegan or vegetarian diet can also help, as it’s rich in alkalizing fresh foods which will neutralize the acidity in your body.