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Heal Any Autoimmune Disease With These Simple 9 Steps!


Something which appears in connection with almost every chronic disease like: dementia, cancer, obesity, diabetes, autism, depression etc. is inflammation. It has become a very “hot” topic since many well-known inflammatory diseases  like arthritis, asthma and allergies are increasing dramatically. Many doctors usually try to eliminate inflammation with some anti-inflammatory medicines like Motrin, Advil or Aspirin, but these are all dangerous when you take them often since they cause an array of side-effects. They’re full of toxic matters.

Still, many doctors don’t even try to treat the underlying causes which lead to the appearance of inflammation in chronic diseases. Some of the real causes for this kind of inflammatory conditions are: stress, hidden allergens, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet, infections etc.

More than 24 million people are affected by autoimmune diseases these days: thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc.

Finding the source

The inflammation in the body can only be treated by discovering the source. Like the old-people’s saying says it: ’You have to treat the fire and not the smoke’.

If we want to treat a disease we have to ask the question “Why are we sick?” and not “What disease do you have?”.

Autoimmunity: What it is and How it Occurs?

Autoimmune conditions have a systemic inflammation in them which causes the body to attack its own tissues.

We all need to have a healthy immune system which will be able to fight any invader. Autoimmunity appears when your immune system is confused.

The body is trying to fight something: a food, an allergen, a toxin, an infection or just stress, but it is confused and sends the response to your brain, joints, skin, thyroid, gut etc.

It is called molecular mimicry. None of the commonly used conventional approaches can treat the problem.

Still, it’s an interesting fact that autoimmune disorders appear in developed countries. People who live without modern equipment, flush toilets, running water, sterile backyards or washing machines don’t have these health problems.

People who grow up on farms also don’t have these diseases since their body can recognize what’s foreign and what’s their own organism. They know how it’s like being dirty.

These Are The Nine Steps That Will Help You Treat An Autoimmune Disease:
  • Check for any hidden infections: Lyme, bacteria, viruses or yeast so that you can treat them.
  • Use IgG testing to discover any hidden food allergen.
  • Go to your doctor’s office and demand a test for celiac disease.
  • Test yourself for heavy metal toxicity, because some metals like mercury are known to be able to cause autoimmunity.
  • In case you have any gut problem, try to treat it. Fix your gut.
  • Consume more vitamin D and C as well as probiotics and fish oil. They will help you decrease the  immune response in a natural way.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Use some deep relaxation method: massage, yoga, biofeedback or deep breathing. Stress is very bad for your immune system.
  • Your doctor should be acknowledged with Functional Medicine.

Try these steps as soon as possible. You’ll see that you’re going to have less inflammation. Any illness begins with an underlying cause that has to be treated.