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Ginger: Small Amount – Big Health Benefits


Moving through the grocery stands it is no wonder that an odd, brown and unattractive root almost always stays unnoticed. However if you only knew how much power and health are hiding in a piece of ginger, the next time you do the shopping you will put it into your shopping cart straightaway without any thinking.

Ginger is known and used by people since ancient times. It is used in a variety of traditional medicines and alternative way of treating different diseases and conditions. It is a root plant that comes from Southeast Asia. Due to the variety of uses of ginger many health benefits are gained. In this way the ginger has become a plant used across the world with popularity growing each and every day. As a result of its various properties, it has become available in the form of different products such as fresh, dried, ground, juice or as an extract for oil. Also, it is found in a gamma of products used in cosmetology because of its favorable effect onto the skin, hair and nails. Finally, its most popular use is as spice in many different dishes through various cuisines across the world.    

Ginger abounds with gingerol, which is natural oil. It is the crucial component that relates the ginger with its widely famous medical properties. In addition to the medical features, it is the unique aroma and the intense chilly flavor that makes the use of the ginger relatively limited. However it is highly recommended. In this light, a variety of uses are prescribed to the ginger powder which in addition to the use as a savory food ingredient, is also used to prepare different cold drinks or tea.

Out of the health benefits that ginger has to our body, there are several that can be listed as the most common: bloating stomach relief, lessening the gasses, stimulating intestines absorption and appetite regulation. Moreover, regular use of ginger stimulates the renewing of intestines flora which has an effect on the obstipation or diarrhea.


In the light of this, it is no wonder that with the use of ginger, the food digestion is also improved. Many of the symptoms such as stomach pain and nausea, especially with pregnant women or people suffering from sea-sickness, can easily be treated or at least eased by a simple use of this food instead of using different medicines. In addition, ginger also provides symptoms relief especially in patients that have undergone surgery or those that are with cancer and are undergoing a chemo-therapy. Not only that it helps the nausea and vomiting, but also recent studies have shown that it stops the growth of the tumor cells in the colon cancer condition.

Another use on the list is the efficacy in relieving the muscle pain when it comes to the excessive workout. The recommended amount is limited to only two grams a day and the result is amazing. However the best results are not immediate. Regular use is of an utmost importance.    

Osteoarthritis is another condition that is very common lately. Being it a condition that  reprobates the joints it results with soreness and stiffness in joints. There are many studies these days that have shown miraculous results in patients with this condition. They have experienced less soreness which results in decreasing the need for taking medication as well. Moreover if the patient uses ginger in combination with cinnamon, sesame oil and mastic and applies the mixture onto the joints, the effect is surprising.

Speaking of lowering blood sugar and heart disease, ginger proves to be beneficial at a high rate. Despite the fact that there is very small research on this topic, so far it is already known that this root has active components that prove to make it an anti-diabetic remedy. Again, the recommended dose is two grams per day. In terms of lowering the heart disease factors, ginger has a great role in lowering the cholesterol levels. Especially when it comes to the LDL or popularly known as the bad-cholesterol, the daily use of ginger at small amounts like three grams per day, has shown great effect causing noticeable decrease which can be related on the same scale as the famous anti-cholesterol drugs – statins. Eventually the results have also shown lowering of triglycerides and total cholesterol levels.

Due to the antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features, the ginger influences the immune system. It improves the immunity of the organism and is a great ally in the fight with allergies. The regular daily use of ginger during the cold and flu season, prevents these diseases, relieves the symptoms and prevents further complications.   

When it comes to the use of ginger tea, it increases the fertility of men, i.e. the number and the mobility of spermatozoids and has a positive effect onto the erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, the ginger tea is very effective at the lowering the menstrual pain and Pre Menstrual Syndrome symptoms with the use of a single gram per day. Moreover there has been a study which has shown that ginger proved to be more effective than certain drugs used for pain relief.    

The potent ginger also shows a lot of power when it comes to the improvement of the psychological health. Thus, it lowers the stress, helps with the relief of the migrainous pain and headaches stemming from other etiology. It is mainly because it improves the circulation, as well as it is considered as a natural stimulator for increasing the vigorousness and the strength during the day.

In addition, there are a lot of research findings that have pointed out the power of the ginger to improve the whole function of the brain while increasing the concentration and memory at the same time.

To sum up, it is good to know that once you decide to buy ginger, you have to make sure that you buy a fresh product. The young and fresh ginger tastes way better and the health benefits are at a high level.  Moreover, one has to pay special care to the consummation of ginger tea, especially if they suffer from hypoglycemia, low blood pressure and gallstone or if they are receiving anticoagulant therapy.  

Despite the vast pallet of health benefits that ginger offers, it is recommended that you limit the use of ginger tea to maximum two cups a day. It is a small pinch that does the magic for you!