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A Fruit-Based Diet Is What Helped This Woman Beat Cancer Miraculously!


When former model Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with cancer, her doctor told her that she only had 5 years to live! Fortunately, she managed to find a miraculous cure that changed everything for her!

Candice started feeling very bad in 2011 and she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her doctors advised a surgery and managed to remove 20 and more lumps above the area of her left collarbone. When analyses were performed after some time, they showed that the cancer wasn’t eliminated. It has even spread to her liver, but also the back of her neck!  

The doctors immediately advised her to use chemotherapy. Candice refused it. She started using a special scheme that helped her cure cancer with a miraculous natural remedy!


Her diet was based on fruits and eating 3 pineapples every day. She didn’t consume any meat nor alcohol. Those were the simple changes Candice made and managed to remove her Stage 4 cancer in only half a year!

How Does Pineapple Work As A Cancer Cure?

Candice consumed apples, grapefruits, kiwis and lemons, but most commonly, pineapples and she gives her credit in the elimination of cancer to them.

Pineapple is abundant in Bromelain, an enzyme mostly present in the pineapple stems.

It has special cancer-fighting properties. Its effects were compared to the ones that chemo-drug 5-fluorauracil has on cancer. This enzyme also has a “selective cytotoxicity”.

5-fluorauracil is a chemo-drug used for more than 40 years. It’s very toxic and if you use it for a long period of time, it will certainly damage your organs and be dangerous for your overall health.

5-fluorauracil can’t differ cancerous and healthy cells. Instead, it destroys both of the categories, so the patient starts feeling lethargic and very tired. Bromelain selects the cancer cells and targets only them.

According to numerous researches, Bromelain can decrease the effects tumors and cancers cause: fatigue, weight loss and nausea. If you consume it in great doses every day, your body will learn how to defend itself from the effects and fight cancer with power.


Only 6 months after Candice changed her lifestyle, she visited her doctors and did a test for thyroglobulin which is a protein produced by the cancerous cells.

The levels of this protein were decreased from 13 nanograms per milliliter to 0.7! There she realized that her natural method had worked!  

After another test, the levels of this protein were even lower and went down to 0.2 nanograms per milliliter which is normal for healthy people. The doctors pronounced Candice cancer-free!


You don’t have to eat pineapple all the time. You can also consume it as juice. Add other fruits, too and ripe all of their vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The juice will be amazingly tasty!

You can add for example, citrus fruits: lemons, limes or oranges. They will improve your immunity, but also decrease the growth of the blood vessels that carry all the important nutrients and destroy tumors and cancers.


Here is a video with Candice’s interview with Chris Wark of ChrisBeatCancer.com. The story is pretty remarkable. It was shot on two occasions. There is a shorter and a longer version.

Her Dietary Protocol (Simplified Version)

  • Days 1-7:  The diet is composed of fruit only, but also contains carrot, celery and beet root juice.
  • Days 8-10: The diet is the same, but without juice.
  • Candice took sodium selenite which is a form of selenium and vitamin K.
  • Days 11-14: She took more almonds, vegetables, avocados etc.
  • Repeat the whole cycle.