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Food Cravings Are A Result Of These Mineral Deficiencies


Intense cravings for a certain food is something which happens to us all, and we often submit to them no matter if it’s sweet or salty cravings we’re talking about. However, this doesn’t mean that the foods will satiate the cravings – far too often, we’re left with an even bigger desire to eat the food we crave. This makes us overeat on chocolate or refined carbs, resulting in subsequent weight gain.

According to a new study, these food cravings may be caused by certain mineral deficiencies, and one way to end them is to acquire the minerals we lack from whole foods. Dietary sources of these nutrients will allow the best absorption and stop the cravings completely.

Here’s what mineral deficiencies are to blame for certain food cravings:

Chocolate cravings

lack of magnesium

Chocolate cravings are the most reported food craving in the USA, and it’s not a surprise if you know that the largest part of the American population is severely lacking magnesium. Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a part in over 300 metabolic processes in the body, including our muscle and heart function. Dubbed the relaxation mineral, magnesium can relieve anxiety and irritability, while also regulating our blood pressure. This is why anxious people feel better after eating a chocolate bar made of cocoa which has a high magnesium content. However, there are far healthier sources of magnesium such as nuts and seeds, fish, dark leafy green vegetables or blackstrap molasses which will put an end to your chocolate cravings.


Sugary treat cravings

lack of phosphorus, chromium, carbon, tryptophan or sulfur

Craving foods rich in sugar is the second most common food craving in the USA. It could be triggered by many nutrient deficiencies including carbon, chromium, sulfur, phosphorus and tryptophan deficiencies. In order to prevent this craving, you should eat a healthy diet and take mineral supplements as well.

Refined carb cravings

lack of nitrogen

Craving for pasta and bread is triggered by nitrogen deficiency. These compounds are an integral part of protein and nucleic acids, so if you’re craving bread and pasta, you should add nitrogen-rich foods in your diet such as fruits and vegetables.

Salty food cravings

lack of chloride and silicon

In order to reduce your salty food cravings, you should add fish, nuts and seeds to your diet.

Ice cravings

lack of iron

Iron deficiency is the main cause for craving ice. In order to resolve the problem, you should consume sea veggies, blackstrap molasses and leafy green vegetables more often.

Oily and fatty food cravings

lack of calcium

Lack of calcium in the body will make you crave fatty and oily foods. You can find the mineral in dairy products, broccoli, turnips and raw milk.