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Have A Flat Belly In Only 30 Days With These 8 Effective Exercises!


Focusing on the abs is one thing among the best which can decrease the risk of acquiring heart problems, diabetes and cancer. Recent studies show that if you try to become fit, you’ll also protect your health!

In this article, we’re going to present you 8 of the best flat belly exercises that can be done at home for only 30 days. You’ll only need 10 minutes every day. The first results will appear in only 7 days.

Start your day with 4 exercises that you’ll choose. Do them with a break of 10 seconds in between. Repeat them twice for every session.

The rectus abdominis

This is the muscle people call the “six-pack”. It is located between the  pubic bone which is at the front side of the pelvis as well as between the ribs.

Do it in 2 ways:

Bring your pelvis towards the chest

Bring your chest towards your pelvis

1. Do crunches (15 times)

These are among the classic core exercises. They define your abdominal muscles and can you’re your oblique muscles as well as the rectus abdominis.

Exercise technique:

You need to use a comfortable mat or just lie on the floor.

The knees should be bent.

The shoulders should be lifted towards the ceiling with the help of your abdominal muscles. Make a pause when you’re at the peak.

2. Do a double leg reach (10 times)

This abdominal exercise is really effective. It works on your lower, but also the upper abdominals.

Exercise technique:

You also have to lie on the back. The legs should be stretched, while the arms are facing upwards.

The feet should be lifted off the ground at an angle of 45 degrees with the help of your abdominal muscles. Make a pause at the peak.

Lie back slowly. Make sure the legs and arms are stretched.

3. Do an arm plank using a knee dip (15 times)

It’s a type of exercise that can tone your glutes, legs, arms and shoulders besides the abdominals.

Exercise technique:

Do a plank position. The weight should rely on the hands.

The left knee should be bent towards the waist. Curl it and stay like that for several seconds.

The leg should be pulled back. Do the same movement with your right leg.

4. Do roll-ups (10 times)

These are very good for the flexibility of your spine and they also strengthen the abdominals.

Exercise technique:

Stretch the legs and arms while you lie on the back.

The arms should be forward and lifted up. Roll into a sitting position very slowly.

The abs should be squeezed again. Go back into the initial position.

5. Do plank hip dips (20 times)

These are great for people who are beginners and want to strengthen their abdominals.

Exercise technique:

Start with a push-up position. Put the elbows on the ground. Make sure you rest on the forearms. The arms should be kept at an angle of 90 degrees.

The back should be arched out slightly.

The glutes should be raised towards the ceiling. Make sure the abs are squeezed tightly so that you could close the distance between your hips and ribcage.

Then, make sure the back is lowered into the initial position.

6. Do the Navasana aka the boat pose (1 time)

It is good for your lower back, legs and abdominal muscles.

Exercise technique:

For this exercise you need to sit while your knees are bent and the feet are flat on the floor.

Try to lift the feet off the floor while you lean back a bit.

The arms should be extended in front of you.

Make sure your knees are straight for half to 1 minute while your body weight is relying on the abdominal muscles.

7. Do windshield (10 times)

Use this exercise when it’s almost the end of all the workouts to strengthen the complete body.

Exercise technique:

Make sure the legs are straight and the knees are stretched while you lie on the back.

The arms should be at each side, straightened.

The lower abs should be scooped.

The legs should be drop on one side very slowly.

Do the same on the other side.

8. Do mountain climbers (15 times)

It’s an exercise of a high intensity which will increase your heart rate. It’s a cardio exercise that is good for a daily training.

Exercise technique:

Do a plank while you’re on the toes and hands.

The hands should be apart from each other at shoulder-width.

Use the right knee to pull it in the chest.

Then, repeat the same with the other knee. The hips should be down at all times.

Do these exercises at home without any special equipment. You only need good will and your body!