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Feeling Heavier Than You Are? Here’s How To Lose Your Water Weight!


Do you feel like you’re heavier than you really are? Sometimes, we eat healthy and exercise regularly and still the results are just not visible. Many people are scratching their head on what may be hampering their progress and we’re going to locate the culprit. According to experts, those excess pounds are not extra weight – they are water weight instead.

The so-called water weight is actually a condition known as edema or fluid retention. It occurs when the body starts retaining fluid due to various causes. The fluid can accumulate in our body tissues and circulatory system. One of the main triggers for fluid retention is change in the pressure of the capillaries which results in water retention in the tissues and swelling.

Too much fluid stuck in the lymphatic system is another one of the reasons for fluid retention. When fluid gets accumulated in our tissues and makes the limbs swell, it can look pretty bad and add a few pounds to your weight. It’s definitely not pretty to look bloated.

Body Fat or Water Weight?

Determining what is the cause of your excess pounds can be tricky. Our body contains 55-75% of water, with the rest being a combination of fat and muscle. Our water weight fluctuates between 2-4 pounds every day – it’s impossible to gain that much muscle or fat in a single day. Gaining one pound of fat means adding 3500 calories on top of the daily intake, so if you’ve not been eating that much (and you surely haven’t), chances are your excess weight is caused by fluid retention.

How To Lose Your Water Weight?

Here are the 5 best ways of losing your water weight:


If you’re not physically active, you need to get on work right now. Start with cardio exercises – they will raise your heart rate immediately and boost your metabolism, effectively boosting your fat burning process. Cardio will also make you sweat out residual toxins that might make your body retain fluids. Aim for 30-60 minutes of exercise per day in order to improve your overall health and prevent fluid retention.

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

If you are physically active and you’re still suffering from water weight, you should look at other causes. In this case, you need to take notice of how much sodium you’re consuming. People with a high sodium intake look much more bloated as water molecules are attracted to the mineral. Consuming salty food often is definitely responsible for fluid retention. The obvious way to eliminate fluid retention is to cut sodium off your diet. You don’t have to do it completely – at least reduce your daily intake and see if it works.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Just like sodium, high sugar intake can also make your body retain fluids. Too much sugar will raise your insulin levels and make the body retain water in the tissues. In order to fix the problem, add more protein and fiber in your diet and stop eating so much sugar. The protein and fiber will make your muscles grow and raise your metabolic rate, effectively helping with the fat burning process as well.

Drink More Water

It may sound ironic, but dehydration is one of the culprits for water weight. Not drinking enough water will make the body hold on to its water reserves, resulting in excess water weight.

Going Natural

Eating a healthy natural diet will help the body get rid of all the excess water in your tissues. Natural foods will accelerate your metabolism and speed up the loss of water from your body, resulting in the prevention of edema. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber and protein as well as antioxidants which will fight free radicals in your body and prevent a variety of ailments.

These 5 steps won’t just make the excess water in your tissues go away – it will also prevent a variety of health problems. Stick to them and you’ll be much healthier and slimmer as well.



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