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Experts Find a Link Between Narcissistic Abuse and Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety tops the list of most common mental disorders in the USA, with nearly 40 million people affected annually. Experts divide anxiety into several categories – there’s generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and others. These three are the most common and they can affect anyone regardless of age and gender.

There’s one type of anxiety people don’t talk about – narcissistic abuse. As you may already know, narcissistic abuse involves mental and/or physical harm caused by self-centered people. Narcissists are people who care for no one but themselves no matter how charming they might look to you in the beginning. After a while, they will show their true face and all the destruction they can cause.

Exposure to narcissistic abuse is more dangerous than what it seems at first. A recent study has linked anxiety disorders to such abuse. Childhood narcissistic abuse will almost surely result in serious mental disorders later and affects the physical and mental health of the child in his later years.

When exposed to bullish behavior, children internalize their hurt feelings and become anxious. If this isn’t resolved on time, it can easily lead to depression. Such kids can become aggressive and be drawn to bad behavior and substance abuse, which is why you should recognize the signs of narcissistic abuse as early as possible.

Narcissists are so dangerous that even being around them is toxic. You can imagine the damage they can do if you’re in a relationship with them. Any kind of mental or emotional abuse is destructive to our mental health and narcissistic abuse is one of the worst forms of mental abuse. It is especially dangerous to children and goes far deeper than simply being called names.

When exposed to narcissistic abuse, the body and mind react, with the line between rational and irrational becoming blurred. If the narcissist is a family member, the consequences are even harsher. Mental abuse from family members is the worst thing that can happen to a child and almost always results in trauma later in their life. There’s an increasing number of cases of toxic parents or other family members who are systematically destroying their child’s life without even realizing it.

Abusers never take the blame even when exposed – they will do anything to blame the victim and act as the victim themselves. Narcissists usually target sympathetic and compassionate people who see the good in everything. These people are easy targets for manipulative sociopaths and are more susceptible to mental disorders than the rest.

Recognizing this kind of behavior is not easy. However, there are some signs beyond name calling that can help you identify such behavior and save yourself before it becomes too late.

  • Abusers neglect your relationship and don’t care for your feelings
  • They make you feel incompetent – nothing you do is ever good enough for them
  • They keep you isolated from family and friends
  • They bully you mentally, calling you names and demeaning you all the time in front of others
  • They constantly lie to you and spread lies about you

If you’ve lately been feeling anxious in your relationship and you’ve recognized these signs, you’re definitely dealing with an abuser. No matter if it’s you we’re talking about or you’ve seen someone treating your child this way, you need to act fast. To get rid of an abuser, you can break ties with them and keep a positive attitude. If that’s something you can’t do, you need to seek professional help.

There are other things you can do to relieve anxiety. Yoga and meditation can help as can other forms of spiritual practice. Exercise can help as well. At least half an hour per day can keep you and your mind sharp and help you overcome the crippling anxiety.



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