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Every Organ Is Connected To A Tooth! When You Have A Toothache, It Can Show You Problems With Some Organs!


Our teeth are very important and we must take good care of them. Even the smallest problem with our teeth can be tied to a specific health issue. You might not believe this, but our internal organs are actually closely related to our teeth. In this article, we’re going to discuss about that.

Our bladder, kidney and ears are connected to our lower and upper incisors, while our gallbladder and liver are connected to our canine teeth.

 According to various experts, our molars are connected to our stomach, pancreas and spleen, the color and lungs are connected to the premolars and our small intestine as well as our heart are connected to our wisdom teeth.

Still, even if our teeth are damaged it doesn’t mean that our internal organs are damaged, too. Patients feel pain around damaged, removed or even healthy teeth.

This kind of pain is called “phantom pain” and it appears because the organ which is damaged sends signals to its corresponding tooth. If you are familiar with the connection of teeth and organs, you’ll be able to treat the problem easily.  

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pyelonephritis, cystitis or otitis reflect in the lower and upper incisor
  • When the first incisor is painful, it can signify prostatitis or tonsillitis
  • In case of chronic pain near the canine teeth, you might suffer from hepatitis or cholecystitis
  • If your premolar teeth are painful, you might suffer from dysbactriosis, colitis, pneumonia or allergic reaction
  • Colon disease, elbow pain, arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, shoulder pain and knee pain are usually connected to pain in the top or bottom fourth teeth
  • The pain in the molars is usually connected to chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, anemia, chronic pancreatitis and duodenal ulcer
  • When the you feel pain in the sixth lower teeth, you might have problems with your veins or arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • When you feel pain in the sixth upper teeth, you might have inflamed ovaries, thyroid gland or spleen, pharynx problems or sinusitis  
  • When you feel pain in your lower molars, you might have colon polyps, varicose veins or lung problems like bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma
  • The pain which appears around your wisdom teeth can be extremely significant since it reflects problems with your heart or even congenital defects!