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Have You Ever Seen a Cat with Curls?


In today’s world, you’re either a cat or a dog person. We’re in the former group. Although we love dogs as well, there’s a certain X factor in cats which makes us love felines more. Cats are gracious, grumpy, cute, cuddly, and often angry, but we love the whole package. There are hundreds of cat breeds each one cuter than the other, but none can take the crown from the famed Selkirk Rex breed.

A fairly new breed, Selkirk Rex dates back to 1987. What makes them so cute is the fluffy curled coat which is why they’re known as poodle cats. The adorable Selkirk Rex on the picture comes from Montana. Originally, there were 5 kittens in the litter born to a feral cat. And, although the breed has fluffy curls, one of the 5 had thicker, longer, and fluffier coat.

The kitten was adopted by Jeri Newman, a cat breeder who named it Miss DePesto after the character from the popular TV show “Moonlighting”. Miss DePesto was later bred to a black Persian male, giving birth to a litter of six. Three of the kittens had straight fur, while three had curls. All the cats in the litter were later crossbred to other felines including Urchins, American shorthairs, and some exotics. Newman did that to see if the curls are a genetic trait. Unsurprisingly, it was.

The cats were later recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association. In 2012, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna officially recognized the curly-haired cat as a genetically unique breed.

Selkirk Rex kittens can have short or long hair in different colors. Of course, due to the curly fur, it requires proper care. As these cats shed quite a lot, they aren’t suitable for people with allergies.

This unique breed of cats has a sociable character and is known to be a bit silly. Check out these gorgeous Selkirk Rex kittens in action:



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