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Eliminate the Bad Vibes in Your Home with These Plants


Although we mostly use them as decoration, plants have much bigger benefits. For example, they can clean the air in our homes and improve our health, but according to the newest studies, they also have the ability to improve the energy flow in our homes. By relieving stress and eliminating the negative energy and stress in your home, certain plants can seriously improve your mood and overall well-being.

Here are a dozen plants that can get rid of the negative energy in your home:


Long used as a natural remedy for stress, jasmine can naturally soothe your mind and eliminate negative energy. Just make sure you place near a window facing south indoors or north or east outdoors – it’s most effective this way.


Thanks to its soothing scent, rosemary can clean the air in your home and promote better overall well-being. Just a sniff of rosemary can lift your spirits up and sharpen your mind. The long-term effects of the plant including calmness and inner peace. Rosemary should be planted in a sunny spot and not overwatered.

Peace Lily

Peace lily will not only purify the air in your home of toxins, but it will also “clean” negative energy. The cool thing about it is that you can grow it in darker areas which makes it perfect for your bedroom.


The beautiful orchid eliminates negative energy and improves the energy flow in your home. Its beautiful long-lasting flowers come in different shapes and sizes, and it has a perfect sweet fragrance. This amazing plant will release oxygen at night making it ideal for your bedroom.

Holy Basil

It’s not called holy for nothing. A key part of many natural remedies, holy basil emits oxygen for 20 hours per day while eliminating harmful gasses. It’s an antioxidant with powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties and also has a positive spiritual impact. Since it needs a lot of sun, plant it in a north or northeastern area of your home or garden.

Aloe Vera

A common remedy for minor cuts and burns, Aloe Vera can also be used to get rid of negative energy in your home. Just put one in your bedroom and water it regularly. It’s a pretty low-maintenance plant and can attract negative vibes, which makes it a perfect addition for your home.

Money Plant

Widely believed to possess the ability to attract fortune, the money plant can improve the energy flow in your home according to Feng Shui. Additionally, it will also relieve your anxiety and lower stress levels, so make sure to put one in your home. When planting it, it needs to point upward.

Lucky Bamboo

Considered a symbol of prosperity in Asia, lucky bamboo can clean the air in your home of toxins and negative vibes. You can easily place this plant in a corner of your room with little sunlight – it can do great in low-lighting areas. Just make sure to plant it in a glass bowl with around an inch of distilled water, not soil.


A plant with numerous medicinal benefits, sage is an antibacterial and antiseptic plant with powerful cleansing properties. It can also attract bad vibes so it’s ideal for your bedroom. Just make sure not to plant it in areas with low humidity.


Chrysanthemum is a symbol of honesty and purity. It can clean the air in your home of toxins and eliminate toxins, while also promoting better overall well-being. To eliminate bad vibes, place a chrysanthemum in the area where tensions originate.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm can eliminate negative energy and toxins from the air in your home while also improving the energy flow. Place one in your bedroom and you’ll be sleeping in a pure environment.

All these plants have incredible healing powers and work absolute wonders for negative energy. Plant at least a few of them in your home and say goodbye to the bad juju once and for all.