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Here’s A Very Simple Exercise Which Is More Effective Than Jogging And You’ll Burn Fats 6 Times Faster!


One of the best ways to do a cardio exercise that will give you plenty of endorphins that improve the mood and also have some fresh air is running backwards. It is also called retro-running and it will help you get away from the boring way of running with its creativity. Another good thing is that it’s great for your joints!

Retro-Running Can Help You Improve Your Fitness

Avoid the So-Called Plateau Effect
According to various studies, the human body needs about 6 weeks to adapt to your schedule of workouts, so you find it really hard to lose weight. This is the so-called plateau effect. It makes the losses level and your gains equal. You can include new muscles while exercising by changing exercises because you’re actually going to help your body adapt again by avoiding this effect.

Run Less And Burn More Calories

During retro-running you make your heart rate beat faster. This helps you improve your cardiovascular health. This type of running is even 10 times more effective to help you burn calories at walking speed and 6 times more efficient to help you burn calories while you jog. You’ll manage to burn more calories faster. Running backward is something that will help you acquire your fitness goals more quickly .

Strengthen Various Muscles

If you jog regularly, then you don’t exercise some of the muscles. The process of retro-running is just for you. It is especially focused on your quads, calves and shins, but it also helps you acquire better posture.

Smaller Impact on Your Joints

Retro-running is especially helpful for your joints. Your heels slap against the concrete when you land on them and if you do this constantly, your knees and joints become damaged. Running backwards will help you against these problems because it helps your toes have an impact, but they have it gradually. The whole kinetic energy as well as our weight becomes slowly dispersed along our complete foot.
It’s like when you drive a car. When you hit the breaks suddenly, all passengers become shaken and the breaks become damaged. But, if we slow down slowly, the breaks are undamaged and the passengers are safe.
Retro-walking helps you burns more calories per step. You’ll only jog more to burn more calories!

Psychological and Cognitive Improvements

You’ll Be More Creative By Changing Your Routine

Routines can’t help us stay flexible.
Routines can also make us stressed. This kind of stress will make us fix on the routine more, so we damage the myelin sheaths in our brain and it can’t work sharp and quickly.
Retro-running helps us work out differently. It won’t be anything tiring and you won’t regret it. You’ll try various exciting things and a new, but interesting physical activity!

It’s More Fun

Retro-running can be very fun! It’s actually more fun than any conventional exercise. Your work outs will be painless and you’ll do them very fast!

You Will Be Better at Sports

If you have a child that plays baseball, tennis or football, then you can also suggest this. According to a specific study, running backwards can help you have improved habits and motor skills because of the process of repetition. It’s also a good cardio exercise.

It Will Help You Become More Open-minded

Retro-running doesn’t look that good. You’ll think it’s funny, but you’ll get used to it. You should try to become more open-minded, than being narrow-minded. Try new experiences, do new things and you’ll see that you’ll feel much better.


You’ll Run Into People More Easily

This type of running when you can’t have your eyes on the back of your head can be very difficult. First, you should try doing it on a running track or on a treadmill. You can also try it on a road without many objects and people.

You’ll Ruin Your Shoes For Sure

Start this type of running using old shoes, because they are likely going to be destroyed very soon.

You’ll Probably Fall Several Times

You use different muscles doing this type of running. You also use them in strange ways, so you might experience problems with balance. You’ll probably trip on various objects very often. Do it slowly and increase the pace gradually. Try to avoid objects and people as much as you can.

Avoid Running With Your Head Turned For A Long Time

You must turn your head, but make sure you do it not that often, so that you can avoid any unwanted problems.


Retro-running can be a fun way to learn a new exercise that will help you get away from the standard and monotonous exercise. Avoid obstacles, objects and people and you’ll see that you’ll get used to it in no time!

Take a look at this amazing example video and you’ll see how it looks like:


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