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These 22 Tips Will Help You Get Used To Eating Low-Carb Food And You’ll Enjoy It!


Decreasing the amount of carbs you intake can be really difficult, but it’s not impossible!

Here, we’re going to present you some of the best tricks you should know that can help you start eating a low-carb diet. You mustn’t forget that each body is different and for some people the tricks won’t be helpful. Another thing you must remember is to consult your doctor before you decide to start any nutrition plan or you plan on changing your diet.

1. If you think you can’t do it without carbs, then eat them in the morning because that’s the part of the day when you need most of your energy. Breakfast carbs are the best because they give you the fuel you need throughout the day. Have a light dinner that will include proteins and more vegetables.

2. Don’t remove all the carbs from your nutrition at once! First, limit the intake of the starchy carbs. This doesn’t mean 0 carbs. Try for example, eating an ice cream without the cone. Drink only water.

3. Try to eat more complex carbs. These include beans, whole grains, sweet potatoes, oats, starchy veggies etc. They are full of fibers, so they’ll improve your digestion, but at the same time, they’ll also keep you full for a longer period of time. They’ll also control your blood sugar levels.

4. Try to intake more fruits and vegetables that possess a lot of nutrients, but not too many calories.

5. In case you crave and want to intake sugary carbs, you’ll have to prepare them on your own! You’ll see that your cravings will stop when you can’t eat something that you desire in that precise moment, but you have to make it.

6. Your everyday diet should be composed of more proteins so that you can feel fuller for a longer period of time. You’ll also build more muscles, lose more body fat and burn more calories!

7. If you can’t live without eating pizza, at least try eating it without the dough! We suggest you to try and make pizza into a Portobello mushroom cap! Just fill it with something you love. Bake it like you bake pizza. It doesn’t contain as much carbs as pizza dough does and it’s really delicious!

8. We already said that it can be pretty hard to give up carbs, but what you can do is put some cheese, for example parmesan and butter on your low-carb snacks! They’ll be much tastier and you’ll enjoy them more!

9. Stop using the low-fat diet! Some people feel very tired and hungry if they eat foods low in fat. You can try eating some healthy fats! You can find them in olive oil, fish, avocado, cheese etc.

10. Try zoodles with an extra delicious sauce! If you prepare them well, they’ll look like and taste like paste but they’re much healthier.

11. Buy a spiralizer that will make your carrots and zucchini into low-carb pasta!

12. Use eggs and your meals, sides and toppings will be low in carbs and more filling! For example, if you love pizza, take some toppings you’d put on it (olives, mushrooms etc.) and put some mozzarella and tomato sauce over them. If you really enjoy tacos, use eggs as a basis and top them with salsa, cheese and some taco seasonings! Eggs are healthy since they contain plenty of protein and are low in calories.

13. You shouldn’t drink your carbs. Give up soda drinks! Use flavored water or homemade smoothies! You can also prepare your freshly squeezed juice at home!

14. Use other alternatives for flour like almond or coconut flour. You’ll still eat bread, but it will be much healthier because it will be without carbs.

15. Cauliflower is very healthy, so make sure you always have a bag of it frozen. That will help you add it into any meal. Use it for example with rice or as a pizza crust!

16. Make sure that you have plenty of stocked up low-carb snack alternatives so that you can use them when you’ve got some cravings.

17. Now, you’ve got an easy way to discover what’s in the food you eat every day! Use apps that you can download called MyFitnessPal or MyPlate!

18. Try spaghetti squash! It’s a very healthy alternative of pasta and it’s low in carbs. Add some spinach, goat cheese and bacon and there’s a delicious meal!

19. Make sure you drink black coffee. Try to reduce the amount of sugar so that it can help you get to the point when you’ll drink only black coffee. For example, you can take your coffee with milk only, without any sugar! It doesn’t taste bad at all! You’ll get used to it in time!

20. Find some low-carb alternatives of your favorite foods. Google ha all the answers!

21. If you find it hard to stay full, eat smaller meals, but intake them more often. For example, have a small breakfast, then a snack, small lunch, then again a snack, small dinner, and in the end, have another snack. Remember to prepare meals full in protein, healthy fats and fiber!

22. Make sure you hold on to eating a low-carb diet! You’ll see that it’s not impossible! You’ll only need time and patience. You can do it!