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Why Beets Should Be a Part of Your Diet


Beets, as most of you surely already know, are among the healthiest vegetables in the world. Full of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, beets are a wonderful addition to salads and other meals, although their taste can be a bit stingy. No matter if you eat them raw or cooked, the nutrient-dense veggie will improve your health on many levels.

Beets have been used as a folk remedy for anemia and other blood-related disorders thanks to the high iodine and iron levels. Additionally, they’re rich in potassium, folate, and vitamin C among other nutrients which can give your immune system a boost and keep your health in great shape.

How Healthy Are Beets Really?

In short, very healthy. Experts say that adding beets to your diet will purify your body, reinforce your immune system, and prevent oxidative damage to the cells. Here are some of the best health benefits of the colorful veggie:

Prevent Oxidative Damage

Thanks to the presence of betalains and polyphenols, beets can prevent oxidative damage to the cells. This means that they can reverse certain health problems caused by oxidative damage and reduce the risk of serious diseases.

Remove Toxins from Your Body

Beets are full of betalains and other detoxifying compounds which can extract toxins out of your system and keep your body clean.

May Prevent Cognitive Decline

Full of B-complex vitamins, beets can improve the function of your brain and prevent cognitive decline. In short, eating beets will keep your mind sharp.

Improve Your Blood Flow

Thanks to the high concentration nitrates which are converted to nitrites in the body, beets can boost your blood flow and resolve a number of health problems. Thanks to this, beets are the perfect “remedy” to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Help the Body Form New Blood Cells

Beets are full of cobalt, a rare mineral which, along with folic acid, helps the body form new red blood cells.

Promote Better Heart Health

Beets are full of folate, potassium, and other heart-healthy minerals that can keep your cardiovascular system in check. Eating raw or cooked beets will greatly improve your cardiovascular health.

Absorb Heavy Metals in Your Body

Beets contain a lot of pectin – more than the amount found in carrots or apples. Pectin will absorb heavy metals from the gut and eliminate any bacteria in your digestive tract as well.

Full of Magnesium

Eating beets will significantly raise your magnesium levels, a key mineral for your bones and muscles. They also contain a lot of phosphorus and iron, which, along with magnesium, will keep your muscles and bones in perfect shape.

Full of Fiber

Eat beets regularly to improve your digestion. Full of fiber, the deep-red vegetable can help treat a variety of serious digestive problems.

May Prevent the Growth of Cancer Cells

Although there’s a need for more research on the subject, beets have demonstrated anti-cancer properties in some experimental studies. Their unique nutrient content has managed to prevent the growth of cancer cells, effectively preventing the spread of the disease.