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Doctors Warn About What Happens to Your Ears When You Wear Headphones Too Long


Headphones have become an almost irreplaceable part of our lives. We use them when working out, relaxing, or while we’re at work. There’s nothing better than blasting your fave tunes through a pair of great Bluetooth headphones, separating yourself from the rest of the world at least for a while. And, while they’re definitely convenient, wearing your headphones non-stop can cause more problems than you can imagine.

For starters, they may cause acne, and permanent hearing damage is a given if you blast loud music through headphones all the time.

There are other problems caused by wearing your headphones non-stop, with those on the list below being the most serious:

Ear Infections

There’s an unwritten rule for headphones – you share them with NO ONE! Why? Well, for starters, would you like to get an ear infection? Wearing headphones, no matter if they’re in or over-ear can introduce harmful bacteria to your ear. So, if you’re buying second-hand headphones or sharing them with your significant other or friends, disinfect them first. Of course, you also need to clean them every once in a while, just to be safe.


Surprisingly, scientists have found a link between vertigo and its closely associated symptoms and excessive headphone usage. Misuse of headphones has been found to trigger nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, so take a break from your headphones for every hour you wear them.


Although not lethal by any means, wireless headsets do leak a bit of radiation – all wireless devices do. According to a recent study, wearing headphones for too long may cause biological effects similar to carcinogens, which is troubling. Of course, there’s a need for more research on how RF radiation impacts our health, but for now, we’d take things slow when it comes to wireless headphones.

The Lack of Attention Can Have Fatal Consequences

Wearing headphones, especially a pair of quality noise-canceling ones, will definitely isolate you from the environment which can be great as a ‘repellent’ for that nagging colleague, but dangerous otherwise. Sure, you’re probably not getting into problems at work, but wearing them on the street should be done with caution. And, you must absolutely never wear headphones when driving – it can have potentially lethal consequences.

Hearing Loss

The biggest danger regarding headphones is that they raise the risk of hearing loss significantly. Common noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL for short is a common condition caused by excessively high noise levels. Following the 60/60 rule is a good idea – you mustn’t listen to more than 60 minutes of music at 60% of the max volume of the headphones. Any exposure to loud noises over 80 decibels (and even less than it) is dangerous – listening to music using earbuds at 70% of the max volume comes around 85 decibels, while chainsaws and motorcycles produce 100 decibels and can damage your hearing in half an hour.