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This Diet That Only Lasts 13 Days Will Help You Lose 40 Pounds!


In today’s article, we’re going to discuss about the 13-day diet that is going to change your life! It’s a great challenge because it can be hard at the beginning, but after that, you’ll be able to eat normally! You just need to pass those 13 days! You won’t put on weight for another 2 years! It’s called The Copenhagen Diet or The Danish Diet.

It is considered to be one of the rarest possible methods there is to lose weight. It isn’t even near similar to another diet. You can’t gain the weight back when you finish with it. Your metabolism will be increased and you’ll manage to maintain your weight just as it is.

Just make sure you know that during the first week you might put on a little bit of weight. If you follow the rules strictly for 13 days, you’ll manage to lose from 15 to 40 pounds.

The diet should only last for 13 days. It’s a low caloric diet of only about 600 calories.

You might experience fatigue, tiredness and mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The diet is very unbalanced. It lacks fruits, whole grains and dairy. You’ll feel very hungry and you’ll probably be more prone to illnesses and diseases.

These are some rules you should follow to help you pay attention to the diet as strictly as you can:
  • You mustn’t consume wine, beer, chewing gum or sweets during this diet. If you break the rule, it won’t be successful.
  • Breaking the diet will mean that you’ll have to make a pause of 6 months. Then, you can start it again.
  • If you follow this diet for 13 days, you can repeat it for another 2 days. You’ll do that for your metabolism.
  • If you have lamb/salmon/beef on your menu, supplement it with 250 grams of chicken breast.
  • Use some pepper, garlic or oregano, but never use salt!
  • You can eat whatever you like after you finish the diet, but because the diet is strict, make sure you eat in a sensible way for 2 days to adapt your stomach.
  • Make sure you avoid intense physical activity since your intake of calories was very low.
  • If you want to acquire the best results, you must follow the diet for 13 days. Good luck!
The 13-day diet menu