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Dates Are The Best Food In The World! They’ll Help You Prevent Heart Attacks, Fight Cholesterol And Hypertension!


The best and the healthiest snack for everyone are definitely dates. Archeologists claim that they were used since 7000 BC.

People in the Middle East have used them for many years since they’re abundant in beneficial properties: potassium, vitamins, minerals, iron, copper, magnesium, as well as numerous different phytonutrients.

They can especially help us detoxify our body and improve our overall health.

8 Reasons to Start Eating Dates

These 8 reasons will make you include dates into your everyday nutrition.

1. Dates Prevent Diarrhea

The fruit is abundant in potassium which means it can prevent diarrhea and create beneficial bacteria.

2. Control Weight

Dates are the perfect meal for losing weight or maintain it in an ideal level. Make sure you don’t eat too many of them, though! 1 kg of dates is full of 3,000 calories.

Try to include them as a snack, but don’t use too many!

3. Prevent Strokes

Dates contain potassium which makes them very healthy for our nervous system. It can help you prevent strokes. Make sure you intake about 400 mg of potassium daily.

4. Full of Iron

Iron is especially useful in children and pregnant women since it can treat anemia. Only 10 grams of this fruit every day will obtain you 11% of the iron that’s recommended every day. Try to eat more dates so that you can normalize your number of red blood cells as well as regulate your supply of oxygen.  

5. Balance Blood Pressure

Dates are the perfect food against hypertension. They contain plenty of potassium and sodium. 80 mg of magnesium are contained in 6 dates. It can be amazing for your blood pressure as well as your blood flow.

6. Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Eating more dates will help you remove bad cholesterol as well as prevent blood clots to appear. They’re an excellent food to use for cleaning your blood vessels.

7. Helps with Constipation

Dates can be used as a very powerful laxative. Many people already use them against constipation. Just soak several dates into a glass of water. In the morning, eat the dates and drink the water. They’ll help you improve the movement of your intestines.

8. Strengthen the Heart

Use dates blended or raw every day and you’ll manage to make your heart stronger and also improve your overall health!