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Dates – The Best Food For Prevention Of Heart Attack!


Dates are one of the healthiest foods for our health. They can improve the function of our cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and stroke and are rich in nutrients vital for our digestion and metabolism.

It’s not just about the cardiovascular health – in fact, dates are rich in other nutrients which our body needs on a daily basis, including zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. Furthermore, they contain niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, folate and vitamins A and K, which can support numerous body functions.

Here are 10 reasons why dates should be a part of your diet:

Promote weight loss

By boosting your digestion and metabolism, dates can help you lose weight. However, they do contain plenty of natural sugars, so you should eat them in limited amounts.

Prevent stroke and heart attack

As we already mentioned, dates are rich in potassium, a highly important mineral for our cardiovascular health which can keep the heart and blood vessels in optimal shape and prevent heart attack and strokes. Our body needs about 400 mg. of potassium per day, and a handful of dates can provide it.

Regulate blood pressure

Dates are full of potassium and low on sodium which will ensure proper function of your blood vessels and regulate your blood pressure, effectively boosting your cardiovascular health.

Prevent diarrhea

The potassium in dates can normalize your intestinal microflora and help your gut work properly. In this way, they can prevent a variety of digestive problems including diarrhea.

An excellent source of iron

100 gr. of dates contain 11% of the RDA of iron, a mineral important for the production of new red blood cells and oxygen delivery to the cells and tissues. Consume a handful of dates every day and you will never have to fear anemia or other blood disorders.

Prevent alcohol intoxication

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a splitting headache the next day, but dates can help cure your hangover. As soon as you get out of bed, eat a handful of dates to relieve the headache and reduce the nasty effects of the hangover. For best results, soak a handful of dates in water overnight and consume them and the liquid in the morning.

Great for your heart

As we mentioned, dates are perfect for the heart and the whole cardiovascular system as well.

Regulate your cholesterol levels

Consuming dates on a regular basis can keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check, and reduce the amount of the bad (LDL) cholesterol which will result in the prevention of several cardiovascular problems. They can also regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes, but due to the high natural sugar content, eat only a handful of them per day.

Treat constipation

Just like with diarrhea, dates can also help treat constipation. They contain a high amount of fiber which will get things in your digestive tract moving. Soak a handful of dates in water overnight and consume them in the morning to prevent constipation and ensure proper bowel movements.

Prevent colon cancer

According to studies, consuming dates regularly can prevent the development of colon cancer. Consume them every day and you will definitely improve your digestive health.