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Dates Are Extremely Beneficial! Here Are 10 Of Their Best Benefits: From Beautiful Skin To Excellent Bone Health!


Dates are one of the fruits that are considered to be super-food. They have been used since ancient times because people considered they had numerous beneficial properties. Until now, there have been many researches and they all claim it’s true. This fruit is very sweet, but extremely delicious. From historic point of view, the date palm originates from Iraq. Egyptians used them to prepare wine.

Dates were later traded to northern Africa, Mexico, southwest Asia, California and Spain. These days, the Middle Eastern cuisine considers them as one of the most valuable ingredients. Dates can be divided into 3 groups: soft, semi-dry, and dry. They are divided according to their sucrose, fructose and glucose content.

The most famous dates include the ones red and sweet from the Gaza Strip as well as the Zaghloul, which can be found only in Egypt. The most expensive dates are the Sukkary from Saudi Arabia. Another type which is very popular in the Arab world is the Khadrawy. There are over 100 types of dates in Iraq!

Sweet Health Dose

Dates are used in numerous cuisines in the world. They’re abundant in various health benefits like fiber, energy, minerals, vitamins and sugar, but also iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Here, we’re presenting you the most important reasons why you should consume dates more often:

1. Lowers cholesterol:

Dates contain very small quantities of fat and no cholesterol! They can help you regulate the cholesterol level and even help you in the process of weight loss if you take them regularly but in small quantities.

2. Protein rich:

Dates are abundant in proteins that we need in order to have strong muscles and be fit. There are many people who go to the gym regularly and take dates every day.

3. Rich in vitamins:

Some of the most important vitamins in dates are A1, B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as C. You won’t need supplements if you take several dates every day. You’ll be full of energy and healthy, too! Dates can also be used as snacks since they contain natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose.

4. Improves bone health:

Dates contain plenty of copper, selenium, magnesium and manganese. They are very important for healthy bones and help us prevent osteoporosis.

5. Strengthens the nervous system:

Dates contain plenty of potassium, but also a small amount of sodium. That’s very helpful for our nervous system. The potassium can prevent us from strokes.

6. Rich in iron:

Dates contain fluorine which is beneficial for healthy teeth, but also iron. They’re excellent for blood purification and people with anemia.

7. Promotes digestion:

Soak several dates in a glass of water and leave them overnight. Drink the water the following morning and chew the dates. That’s extremely beneficial for your digestive system. You’ll also manage to fight constipation!

8. Improves skin:

The present vitamins in dates help you have an elastic skin. It will be smooth and without wrinkles because they possess anti-ageing properties. Dates are also beneficial against skin problems. You’ll also prevent the accumulation of melanin with their help.

9. Fixes hangovers:

Dates are excellent in cases of hangover! Just leave several dates in a glass of water and leave them overnight! Eat them in the morning and drink the water! You’ll feel the difference immediately!

10. Assists in weight gain:

All of the beneficial ingredients in dates: fiber, sugar and proteins are very helpful against weight gain. They’ll maintain your weight normal if you combine them with cucumbers!

Cooking with Dates

It would be best to eat them alone. You can however add them into porridges, cereals or smoothies. There are many people who use date syrup instead of refined sugar. Add them into various cookies and cakes, too!