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Constant Bloating Can Cause Depression, Anxiety And Even Inflammation In Your Brain! Treat It Easily!


In our body, we have a GUT-brain and ordinary brain. A healthy and happy brain means that your guts will also be healthy!

The brain in our guts possesses a nervous system which is independent. It possesses even more serotonin as well as neurotransmitters and serotonin than our brain located in the head.

When we find ourselves in stressful situations, our stomach usually reacts. Have you heard that what happens in your guts is also sent into your brain?

According to various studies, irritated bowels, which is very common nowadays also cause an irritable brain. We always think that when we’re irritated or anxious, our stomach becomes irritated, but it’s not like that. It’s actually our stomach which makes us feel like that and not our brain.

It has also been scientifically proved that a bloated stomach can cause an inflamed and bloated brain.

Your Second Brain

According to a doctor from the Columbia University, called Dr. Michael Gershon, our gut is called our “second brain.” It basically means that our gut has its own mind. It isn’t only connected to our brain, but it possesses its personal nervous system.

It’s called enteric (gut) nervous system or ENS in short. Our guts have a brain which contains the same embryonic tissue like our real brain.

Both of them are connected through our parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves e.g. the autonomic nervous system.

The ENS is independent and has its own tasks. It even coordinates the contraction of our muscle cells! It improves our digestion by releasing enzymes and gut hormones.

It controls the inflammatory and immune cells in our gut and also promotes blood circulation.

Everything happening in our gut is connected to our brain. They’re like 2 very different things which have to communicate, but also act in an independent way.

When our gut isn’t feeling well, that is being sent to our brain. It’s very important to have healthy guts, since then, your brain will also be healthy.

The Gut-Immune System

Almost 60% of our immune system is located under a very thick lining of our gut which has a layer with one cell.

It should only intake good components like vitamins, sugars, fats, minerals and amino acids. All the bad things like toxic matters or undigested food should be left outside.

In fact, if you lay your gut and it is flat, its size will be like the one of a tennis court. Almost 500 different types of bacteria are present there. They enclose about 3 pounds.

If the gut area contains plenty of bacteria, it will also send that message to your brain. Your organism will do anything to defend itself, but your brain as well as your gut becomes inflamed during this process.

Another dangerous fact is that you also intoxicate your bloodstream which is bad for your gut as well as for your brain.

We take antibiotics prescribed by our doctor to treat our intestines, but we end up having more and more dangerous matters in our organism.

Medicines have a very harmful effect on our gut as well as on our brain.

We should try to avoid foods low in fiber, junk food, food filled with sugar, medicines which block the acid, anti-inflammatory medicines as well as chronic stress.

When our body and gut contains plenty of toxins, we can end up developing numerous diseases and illnesses like: bad mood, ADD, depression, Alzheimer’s, autism, anxiety, OCD, brain fog etc.

A Self-Intoxicating Little Girl

One of the most specific cases includes a little girl with a very tragic life.

She was at first-grade during the performed tests. She constantly threatened her friends and family. She was extremely aggressive towards them and she also threatened to kill herself all the time.

Many children who had developmental problems like these were discovered to have a flora which produces toxins. It isn’t like in children who are happy, normal and healthy.

The girl had mood swings, temper tantrums, negative behavior etc.

Doctors also diagnosed her “perfectionism” and OCD. She couldn’t have any friends. As a baby, she was very colicky baby and had vaginal yeast and diaper infections. She also had itching all the time. She ate carbs, pastries and sugar constantly.  

The girl lacked several vitamins, as B12, B6, but she was also deficient in magnesium and had food allergies.

She had too much bacteria in her gut.

As soon as she started eating an organic diet, full of dairy and gluten-free products along with many vitamins and minerals, her condition started to improve drastically. She also took antibiotics and antifungal medicines.

All of the negativity, hopelessness and aggressiveness disappeared. She was actually a case of “auto-intoxication”.  

Happy People Have Healthy Flora!

Make sure you:

  • Treat common allergens, like dairy and gluten.
  • Stop using steroids, antibiotics, acid-blocking medication and anti-inflammatories.
  • Start using digestive enzymes.
  • Use probiotics often.
  • Intake whole-foods like: nuts, beans, seeds, veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

Your gut needs to be happy if you want to have a happy brain!