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These Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Will Make Your Life Quick and Easy!


It’s great to know various tips and trick that could help you use the keyboard of your computer the best way. Still, there are probable some keys that you use rarely or maybe you never use them. Have you ever asked what are they for? In this article, we’re going to present you some of those keys as well as several shortcuts that will help you use your computer keyboard even better and it will even be easier than before!

The Keys Of Your Computer Keyboard: PC and Mac Equivalents

The keys may be different on keyboards for Windows and different on Mac. Still, they aren’t all different. Here, we’re going to show you some:

  • Command (clover with 4 leaves) = Windows
  • Option = Alt
  • Control = Ctrl
  • Return = Enter
  • Delete = Backspace

Keyboard Shortcu For The Function Buttons

Now, take a good look at your function buttons. All of them probably have a function on them, like for example screen brightness or adjusting your speaker. These shortcuts are pre-existing. This means that if you need a specific function performed by a “F” key, first you’ll have to hold the function key designated by Fn: Fn + F#.

  • F1 will open the screen that says Help and is used on any program.
  • F2 will rename any folder or file you need to rename.
  • F3 will open a characteristic for searching for any application that you opened.
  • F4 + Alt/Option is able to close any window you’re using then.
  • F5 reloads or refreshes the page you’re using.
  • F6 sends the cursor towards the bar with the address in most of the Internet browsers.
  • F7 will make a grammar and spell check on documents in any Microsoft application like for example, Word.
  • F8 will help you go to the boot menu found in Windows at the exact moment you turn on your computer. It also displays thumbnail images of any workspace on a Mac.
  • F9 receives and sends e-mails in Microsoft Outlook or refreshes Microsoft Word documents. It can also display images which are thumbnail of all the windows you have in one workspace.
  • F10 will open the menu bar for any of the applications you are using. It also shows any program which is open on your Mac at that time.
  • F11 displays the Desktop on a Mac or enters and exits full-screen mode in various Internet browsers.
  • F12 will display a dashboard of Mac, like for example, the calendar or calculator applications, but it also opens the dialog box written as ‘Save As’ in Microsoft Word.

Document and File Keyboard Shortcuts

You only need to press the Command or Ctrl button with some of the next ones:

+ O and you’ll open a file

+ S and you’ll save a file or document

+ C and you’ll copy a text which is highlighted

+ N and you’ll open a document which is new

+ V and you’ll paste cut or copied text

+ A and you’ll select all the text on a document or page

+ Q and you’ll close an entire app and is only for Mac

+ X and you’ll cut highlighted text

+ P and you’ll print the document you need

+ Up Arrow and you’ll scroll towards the top of any webpage and this is only for Mac

+ W and you’ll close a window

Keyboard Shortcuts With the Help Of Several Buttons

These are some keyboard combinations:

  • Command-Option-Escape/Control-Shift-Escape will pull the Task Manager up (or Mac’s Force Quit menu).
  • PrtScr or The Print Screen button –– helps you make a snapshot of your whole screen. Mac has other options for print screen.
  • Shift-Command-3 will enclose the complete screen.
  • Shift-Command-4 opens only a specific part of a certain page.
  • Shift-Command-4-Space opens a window that is specific.
  • Shift- Command-T will help you open the tab you’ve closed the last in your web browser.
  • D + The Windows button will present the complete desktop. F + Windows will open “Find Files and Folders”. L + Windows will lock the workstation or make a quick change in the users.

We really hope that these keys and shortcuts will improve your work on the computer. Try them out today!