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If You Have Clean Mint Plant In Your House You Will Never See Mice Spiders And Other Insects Again


Raise your hand if you hate spiders and similar sorts of critters – ours is already in the air! Those nasty insects seem impossible to defeat. Insects are the largest group within the arthropod phylum. There are more than one million recognized species of them, each with varying features. From tiny flies to gargantuan tarantulas, insects come in all shape and sizes and most share one thing – they’re creepy as hell!

This goes especially for spiders. The eight-or-so-legged critters invade our homes and cellars all year long, triggering our nightmares and leaving us without sleep for days or weeks. Although we hate most spiders (and insects in general), they play an important role in our ecosystem. But, no matter their admirable role, they are quite unpleasant to spot at home, and it gets worse if you’re an arachnophobe. Plus, spiders are notoriously hard to get rid of, with literally no repellent displaying perfect results.

But, that’s probably why you’re here – looking for a solution to your creepy crawler problem. The good news is that we have a simple natural remedy which will eliminate all the spiders in your home and stop making you scream like a girl every time you spot one with the corner of your eye.

Mint – the Best Natural Insect Repellent!

Yes, it is so simple! A spray of mint here and there around your home can do wonders for your spider problem. Mint is an aromatic plant that can keep most insects at bay and works wonders for spiders. All you need to do is get high-quality mint oil (the real thing, not cheap knockoffs), then add a few drops in a spray bottle full of water. Spray the solution everywhere in your home, paying special attention to the areas frequented by spiders. The corners of your room deserve special attention as well.

Do this once a week, and your home should finale be spider free! As an added bonus, it will leave a wonderful fresh scent behind which you’ll fall in love with and keep mice away as well.