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Can Pain Be Linked to Our Emotional State?


Do our emotions have any kind of impact on chronic pain? That’s the question scientists have been asking themselves for ages. Dr. Susan Babel, a renowned psychologist that specializes in trauma-induced depression, says that emotional trauma can indeed heighten the pain response. Our emotional state is directly linked to different types of pain including headaches, lower back pain, and hip pain among others.

Here are types of pain linked to emotional states:

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is common for many people, and apparently, it’s been linked to financial problems. In order to relieve the pain, hire a financial consultant or sit down and organize your expenses better.

Upper Back Pain

If you’re suffering from upper back pain, it’s most likely due to lack of emotional support. This type of pain is associated with not feeling appreciated enough or holding back feelings of affection. Solve these problems and the pain will instantly be relieved.

Knee Pain

Thinking too highly of yourselves may be the “culprit” behind your knee pain. Don’t be such a snob – spend some time volunteering and you should be able to fix the problem. Remember – no one is perfect.

Calf Pain

Stress, jealousy, and emotional tension may all cause pain in the calves. In order to relieve the pain, get rid of all the stressors in your life.

Ankle Pain

Pain in the ankles means that your nee more pleasure in your life. Treat yo self every once in a while to relieve it.

Feet Pain

Feet pain has been linked to depression and feelings of anxiety. In order to resolve it, try to find a hobby and do some positive stuff – anything that brings you joy will relieve the pain in your feet.

Hip Pain

Fear of change has been associated with hip pain. Although it can be scary, change is good something. Make a choice and stick to it – chances are, the change will turn your life around in a positive way.

Shoulder Pain

If you’re suffering from pain in the shoulders, you’re most likely emotionally overburdened. Don’t let yourself shoulder anything – it can be quite heavy on the soul. Instead, share your burden with others and your shoulder pain will disappear.

Neck Pain

Neck pain means that you need to forgive someone for something. Learn how to forgive yourself and others – it will relieve the pain and make you a better person.


Headaches and migraines are caused by stress. If you’re suffering from daily headaches that are too much to bear, you need to learn how to relax. Find your stressors and eliminate them – your headaches should stop instantly after that.