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Use This Amazing Cruciferous Vegetable To Soothe Any Inflammation And Detoxify Your Liver!


Cabbage is a vegetable that’s abundant in fiber and low in calories. It’s amazing for our health. People from different cultures have used it for centuries. According to a certain research, cabbage is considered to be a super-food.  

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are especially good for the health of your colon and bones. Cabbage should be especially used raw. Many people also use it against digestive problems like for example peptic ulcer.


Using cabbage can offer you 5 key benefits. Try to use organic cabbage!

  • As detox for stomach and colon: Fresh juice made of raw cabbage can detoxify your colon as well as your whole stomach. It prevents intestinal inflammation and reduces diarrhea. Several glasses of this fresh juice every day are enough to help you see the benefits. As we already mentioned, it can heal peptic ulcer. Green cabbage is the best one for this.
  • Blood-building: People who have anemia should drink about 2 glasses of raw cabbage juice every day. Cabbage is composed of very important blood-building components and chlorophyll which work together to improve the blood in an anemic person.  
  • Wound healing: Cabbage is full of anti-inflammatory properties so you can also use it on the outside to treat wounds, for example glands or swollen cuticles. You can also use it on engorged breasts. Just put a cabbage leaf on the swollen breast and leave it to stay like that overnight. It will also help you relieve blisters, sore spots and wounds. First, wash the cabbage leaves you are going to use. Roll them to become flat using a glass bottle or a rolling pin. Then, heat them in a pot with water. Put the prepared leaf on the wound and leave it to rest for 2 hours. After this time passes, repeat the procedure using a new leaf. You can repeat the whole procedure until the wound heals.
  • Heal peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcer can be definitely treated with some fresh cabbage juice.
  • Liver detox: Use cabbage to cleanse your liver! You can drink the juice to help you in cases of hangovers! As we already said, it is abundant in anti-inflammatory properties that can help you reduce headaches and dehydration which appear because of liver intoxication.
  • Weight loss: This amazing cruciferous vegetable has a diuretic and detoxifying effect that will help you lose weight in a very healthy, but safe way.


You can obtain all the optimal benefits of cabbage by drinking its juice or eating it in a salad in a raw form. The choice is yours.

You can find 3 types of cabbage on the market: green, Savoy and red/purple. They are all excellent for consumption.

The best one to help you against cancer is the Savoy cabbage. It contains plenty of sinigrin which is a glucosinolate that has been researched scientifically and has been proved to be able to help against colon, prostate and bladder cancer.

Cabbage is an amazing super-food that everyone who wants to have excellent health should consume more often!