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Burn Calories By Lying in a Long Hot Bath! Now You Don’t Need Those 30-Minute Walks!


Coming home after some days at work is the only thing we all want to do. Then, we’re not in the mood to exercise or do anything at all. We just want to relax. But, it is really important to spend some time exercising. Even walking is considered to be very beneficial.

Today, we’re going to present you some interesting facts about hydrotherapy, but also one study which managed to prove that spending 1 hour in a hot bath can help you burn even 130 calories! That’s what we need to help us stay slim, but also very relaxed!

The Study

It was performed by Dr. Faulkner in 2017. There were 14 people who were examined and the doctor managed to prove that besides feeling relaxed and clean, they also burned a great amount of calories! Still, you shouldn’t give up exercising. You should just know that this is the best way for people who are under a lot of stress and are very tired.  

Hot Water Also Has Other Benefits

Besides burning calories, hot baths are really beneficial for our muscles, skin as well as our heart.

They Can Decrease Our Blood Sugar

This is a fact also supported by a study. If you spend 1 hour in hot water (about 104°F) before you eat a meal, you’ll have a regulated blood sugar. This can also be helpful against the blood sugar spikes. People with type 2 diabetes will find it especially helpful.  

Prevent Heart Problems

There was a study from 2015 that examined 2315 middle-aged men who visited the sauna often. This were some health problems which researchers found to have a decreased risk of:   

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • All-cause mortality
  • Fatal coronary heart disease                   
  • Saunas are similar to baths. You feel relaxed and they are humid as well as hot.

Health Benefits Of Hot Showers

Hot showers are really beneficial for our body:

  • They open our pores, so toxins are eliminated
  • Our circulation is improved
  • Our muscles, joints, tissues and tendons are loosened because hot showers decrease inflammation and ease pain
  • In case we have to exercise, hot showers will help our blood flow freely
  • Stiffness becomes relieved
  • Coughs are relieved
  • Insomnia and stress are decreased
  • Nothing feels nicer than a long hot shower when you aren’t feeling well or just need to relax — but why?

When elder people use hot baths for at least 30 minutes, it can relieve their back pain or the osteoarthritis so they stop using painkillers often.


Hydrotherapy is abundant in health benefits besides being quite relaxing. Everyone wants to do it and we all have time for it, so now that you know all of its amazing benefits you can do it as often as you can! Lose calories and be healthy with the help of long and hot baths!