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How to Build Bee Hotels to Help Save Native Bees


Bees are an important cog in the wheel that runs the world. Pollinating insects such as bees give are responsible for “giving” us a third of the plants we eat. It’s simple – our ecosystem can’t function without bees, but the problem is that they’ve been disappearing from the face of Earth massively in recent times.

In North America, there are over 4,000 bees who are much better at pollinating than European bees. These bees are losing their natural habitat pretty fast, with whole colonies vanishing into thin air. The loss of bees is costing us a lot, with scientists concerned about the phenomenon known as CCD – colony collapse disorder.

How Can We Save Bees?

The good news is that we can do many things that can save bees. Out of all the things we can do, building bee hotels in our own gardens and backyards has to be the weirdest. But, hey, if it works, why not try it? Most bees are highly solitary. Each female builds her own nest close to others. Due to this, bee houses or “hotels” will help save bees by serving as a habitat for the solitary nesting bees.

At the same time, the houses (hotels) will make your garden or backyard look so much better. These hotels will help bees nest. They will feel safe enough there to lay their eggs and keep them safe from the various factors that play a role in their disappearance. There are even commercial bee hotels you can buy, although most of them contain materials that can put the larvae at risk. They might contain plastic or glass that can retain moisture and expose them to unnecessary risk. Instead of buying one, you can actually build your own bee hotel or home that will give shelter to the insects and possibly preserve them as a species.

How to Make Your Own Bee House

To make your own bee house or hotel, you only need a piece of some kind of container (a box will do nicely), some bamboo shoots, pinecones, sticks, and logs with holes. If you already have a birdhouse, you can repurpose it by stripping away its walls, replacing them with bamboo shoots or wooden blocks with drilled holes, and close it off with a bent license plate.

Cardboard tubes, clay pots, pinecones or sticks will do great as hibernation pods for the bees. Use cinderblocks to raise the structure up, adding bamboo stalks or wooden logs in the gaps to create nesting areas.

To build a living area, all you need is a jar with bamboo cuts or tubes in it. Just set it up in the garden and the bees will surely come.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to make these bee hotels or homes. They will make your garden prettier and help you save our world’s pollinators.