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Broccoli Versus Broccoli Sprouts – The Mighty And The Mightiest


When it comes to mighty vegetables, broccoli is considered to be one of the top five. Due to its health and nutritious properties it has the power to protect the body from many diseases including fighting cancer. It is packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, K, C as well as a huge amount of iron.

First of all, broccoli boosts the immune system and helps fighting various infections. Moreover, due to the richness with phytonutrients it prevents colds and detoxifies the body. Because it abounds with vitamin K, it is a strong ally in the fight with osteoporosis and bone health in general.

The content of potassium also provides strength to the nervous system which means that broccoli intake lets the brain function properly and at the same time, facilitates the growth of muscles. In addition to the potassium, it also contains magnesium, which in combination with the calcium content help with the blood pressure regulation. Thus, due to the fact that the broccoli helps the blood pressure regulation, it also adds on to the better function of the cardiovascular system.

On the one hand, Its richness in glucoraphanin prevents heart diseases. The content of carotenoid lutein puts off the thickening of arteries which on the other hand again prevents heart diseases. The carotenoid lutein has another function as well; it prevents eye diseases such as cataracts and helps in the formation of retinal. Last but not least, the consummation of broccoli facilitates digestion and prevents constipation as a result of its high fiber content.

Nevertheless, the good old mature broccoli is now getting out-dated. The scene is taken over by the new superfood – their highness – broccoli sprouts. Actually numerous research has proven that sprouts from various vegetables, contain a considerably higher amount of nutritients that play the role of health guardian angels. Broccoli sprouts are young broccoli plants, not older than three or four days. They are in the group of cruciferous vegetables together with cabbage and cauliflower.

Their nutritive value is high precisely because they are high in protein and fiber and low in calories at the same time. A cup of broccoli sprouts contains: 32 calories, 2.8 grams of protein – 70 percent of calories from protein, 3.8 grams of carbohydrates, less than 2 grams of fat, no sugar at all, no cholesterol, 5.6 grams of sodium and 2.2 dietary fibers. Like all the other green vegetables and sprouts, broccoli sprouts can be consumed prepared in various ways but they are most effective if eaten raw or steamed. Compared to the mature broccoli, broccoli sprouts have way higher content of protein and phytochemicals which provide a wider array of health benefits than these of mature broccoli.

Like traditional (mature) broccoli, they help boosting the immune system and fighting infections as diseases. However, these owe their higher potential due to its higher content of a component called sulforaphane. This bioactive compound is proven to be one of the most powerful molecules that can be provided through simple food consummation. The groundbreaking studies have shown that sulforaphane, which is mainly found particularly in broccoli sprouts, represents the most potent antioxidant element. Being antioxidant it means that it helps fighting cancer successfully. In addition, studies show that in comparison with the mature broccoli, the broccoli sprouts have increased antioxidant potential times fifty. The sulfopharane restrains the progression of cancer by causing the death of damaged cells. Moreover, not only that they fight cancer cells, they also enhance the efficiency of anti-cancer medicament’s. These studies have also shown broccoli sprouts to be effective in the fight with bladder, colon, stomach, prostate, skin and lung cancer.          

As an addition to the cancer fighting potential, broccoli sprouts consummation aids the body to cleanse from pollutants which eventually would cause cancer. Recent study has shown that half a cup a day could detoxify the body from various contaminants. The effectiveness is increased because of the content of glucoraphanin which releases the mighty sulforaphane.

Another benefit is the ability to control the level of cholesterol by lowering the “bad” and increasing the “good” cholesterol levels. This results with improved heart health and well-being.

Regarding the blood components and balance, broccoli sprouts also help controlling the level of sugar in the blood. Especially when it comes to diabetes, the magnificent sulforaphane reduces the level of triglycerides as well as insulin resistance. Actually, they help control almost all diabetes parameters.

Not least important is the effect on skin balance. This often happens to be damaged by the bad influence of UV light. The results which are sunburn and inflammation are inevitable. However, if broccoli sprouts are consumed, these conditions are easily avoided.

In addition to all the previously mentioned health benefits, there are various studies made regarding the broccoli sprouts. Many of them have shown that people that incorporate them in the regular diet have considerably improved mood, significantly higher level of energy and vigorousness, glowing skin and reduction of joint pain.  

To sum up, broccoli sprouts are potent nutrients packed food which makes them a great source of ingredients essential for human’s body, with the lowest of calories at the same time. They have to be consumed often or on a regular basis in order to provide the miraculous effect onto the body’s health.  They can be found in stores for healthy food or at fresh green markets. Anyway, do think of making your own broccoli sprouts small kitchen garden. The process is easy: just soak the seeds in water for a day, then rinse them, and repeat. Wait for several days, and voila, your sprouts are ready!

Once you got your own broccoli sprouts, consider these dishes complements and salads ideas:
  • Put broccoli sprouts into your hamburger instead of adding cabbage or lettuce
  • Mix Greek yogurt and broccoli sprouts and dig in with a crunchy bread or baked potatoes
  • Add chopped broccoli sprouts to your favorite chips sauce
  • Mix tomato, chopped grilled steak, broccoli sprouts and parmesan
  • Add broccoli sprouts to your favorite snack…

And you keep the magic working!