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Breaking Up with a Friend Is Inevitable Sometimes


Romantic breakups are always hard, but you know what’s harder? Breaking up with a friend. Out friends are among the closest people in our lives. We see them every day and share our deepest and darkest desires – people are sometimes more inclined to share something with their friends rather than their family.

However, just because we’re close to a friend, it doesn’t mean that the relationship will last for a lifetime. Sometimes, people hide their cruel intentions until they float up to the surface, revealing their true face. That often happens with friends and is also your cue to break up with that friend.

Here are some early signs that you should break up with a friend:

You Don’t Share the Same Interests

Your closest friends should share at least some of your interests. Even if you think it doesn’t matter, it’s bound to cause problems at some point in your life. Plus, interests change as you grow. As soon as yours do and theirs don’t, it’s hard to maintain a relationship. In this case, it’s better to break it up.

They Don’t Get You

If one or more of your friends don’t understand you, it’s time to break up with them. How do you expect to stay friend if they don’t understand your wants and needs? It’s a tricky situation that can turn to messy later, so it’s better to nip it in the buds early.

They’re Overly Attached for You

Just like in the case of an overly attached partner, you don’t need an overly attached friend. One-sided relationships are always hard, so it’s better to break them apart than suffer later.

People Change

As we age and get older, our priorities change. Sometimes, we grow up differently than our friends and that’s OK. If this happens, maybe you’re better off with another friend.

When you’re finally ready to break up with your friend, be gentle as it can hurt. Don’t blame them – sometimes, our lives just go different ways. Be mindful of what you’re saying and just let things happen. It will be hard, it may even hurt, but it’ll be better for you and them in the long run.



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