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The Best Natural Painkillers Directly From Your Kitchen!


In order to achieve a good mental health and body wellness, it is already proven that we need to consume whole grains and to practice workouts regularly. The sugar and sodas are not on the list! However, many people keep consuming fast food. Even if they decide to cook, there are the instant, pre-cooked meals which should be heated only. All these have low or no nutritional value.

Moreover, the corn, wheat and rice are being most commonly used in our everyday diet instead of using more balanced and various choices of ingredients. Now, it is high time we do something about this. The figures from the latest research on food habits and common diets are highly worrying. Therefore, here is a list of highly effective and beneficial foods that not only keep our head and body balanced, but also prevent or fight many diseases.


1. Cloves for tooth pain

Recent studies show that tooth pain or gum inflammation can be removed within hours just by using clove. It owes these features to its active ingredient eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. So, we recommend taking a pinch of ground cloves in your daily meal. Not only that it will help fighting mouth cavity issues, but also it can help in reducing blood sugar, lower the cholesterol etc.

2. Ginger for muscle pain

It is proven that ginger helps in many digestive problems, reduces heart disease risk factors and even helps fighting cancer in some cases. However, it is highly effective in the muscle and joint pain reduction. It also helps to reduce the swelling for staggering 60%. Thus taking a tablespoon of powdered ginger on a daily basis is highly recommended.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar  for heartburn

The Apple Cider Vinegar consists of tartaric and malic acids, which help regulating the digestion. It helps the fats and proteins to be faster absorbed in the intestines. Also it helps with heartburn. It is recommended that you take a mix of water and Apple Cider Vinegar before each meal.

4. Fish for stomach ache

No matter whether you take tuna, sardine, trout, salmon or mackerel they all contain omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. These are known to have anti- inflammatory effects. Therefore, consummation of fish can help in cramps and gut pain prevention. In addition, fish consummation can help you to regulate the digestion.

5. Garlic for ear pain

Due to the active components of garlic such as sulfur, selenium and alicin the garlic is a potent bacteria killer. It also helps relieve the pain. In addition, olive oil contains powerful antimicrobial ingredients as well. Therefore you need a couple of garlic cloves and few drops of olive oil. Simmer them and apply the garlic oil in the aching ear. The pain will miraculously disappear.  

6. Cherries for headache and join pain

Cherries are known to be packed with anthocyanins. They fight the enzymes which cause inflammation and pain. Thus, cherries are highly effective in fighting them. Moreover, recent studies show that they are even a dozen of times more effective that the pharmaceutical pain killers such as aspirin or ibuprofen.  Therefore, 200-300 grams of cherries daily will help you get rid of headache or other common pains.

7. Yogurt for PMS

According to experts, up to 80 % of women have troubles with the PMS syndrome. Mainly it is due to the sensitivity of the nervous system as well as the fluctuation between the levels of hormones – estrogen and progesterone. However, recent study findings show that yogurt can reduce or ease these symptoms by not less that 40%. It owes this effect to the content of mineral- calcium. It helps to cal down the nervous system as well as decreasing pain caused by hormonal changes.

8. Turmeric for chronic pain

Turmeric’s active ingredient is curcuma which works as a tool to shut down the enzyme and pain hormones. When it comes to pain relief, compared to ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and others, turmeric can help ease it for more than double. In patients with  fibromyalgia , turmeric has proven to be effective for more than 50%  in reducing the chronic pain.  The recommendation is to at least half a teaspoon intake of turmeric per day, especial as a complement to the main meal.

9. Oats for endometrial pain and cramps

The process of uttering lining growth in the uterus is also known as endometriosis. This is known to cause excruciating pains. The pain is followed by cramps and can also cause periods to be extremely painful. The studies from nutritionists show that consuming oats can help ease these symptoms up to 60%. It is mostly due to the lack of gluten in oats, which are the main cause of inflammation.

10. Salt for foot pain

It is known that salt helps to kill bacteria and germs that cause pain and swelling. Also it is used as an inflammatory product. Therefore it is recommended to soak feet into a mixture of salt and water. In case of in-grown nails staking them into salty water can help fight bacteria in only 3-4 days.

11. Pineapple for digestion issues

Pineapple is known for its high content of enzymes that can speed up proteins in the gut and intestine. Therefore, it is recommended to take at least a cup of fresh pineapple in order to reduce bloating in 2-3 days only.

12. Mint to relax sore muscles

Having knots makes you feel without vigorousness and energy. Therefore it is necessary to treat this condition or it can cause you troubles for several months. Take a dozen drops of mint essential oil and put it in your bathtub. Soak yourself in for 20 minutes and try to relax. This method can help you get rid of cramps as well.

13. Grapes for back TLC

There are studies that point out the benefits consuming a cup of grapes on a daily basis. This helps to ease the blood circulation and improve the damaged tissues regeneration simply because it relaxes the blood vessels. When it comes to the back, this is also beneficial because having good blood circulation helps the body to provide the important nutrients and oxygen to the back vertebrae.

14. Tomato juice for Leg cramps

Too much exercise can always make you feel leg cramps. Thus, if you had a leg day at the gym, try out having a cup of tomato juice. This happens because of the insufficient level of potassium. Diuretics can also affect the leg cramps. Tomato juice is packed with potassium and will make you feel better instantly.


15. Coffee to fight migraine

According to the latest studies, having a painkiller in combination with caffeine can increase the effect of healing up to staggering 50% time wise. This is due to the fact that the caffeine actually boosts the painkiller’s beneficial effect.  

16. Flax for fighting breast pain

All that takes is 2-3 tablespoons of flax a day for not longer than a dozen of weeks in order to ease up the soreness in your breasts. Actually the flax abounds with phytoestrogens which actually prevent the spikes of estrogen. Also you could add it in your daily breakfast sprinkling it on the top of your smoothie, yogurt etc.

17. Honey for mouth sore

Health care experts advise applying honey onto the place that sores. The figures from recent study show that  healing is increased for 45 per cent in comparison with creams. This s mainly because of the honey’s enzymes which help the viruses to be killed immediately, thus making the inflammation disappear immediately.

18. Blueberries for bladder infection

The blueberries contain tannins which are actually items that fight bacteria thus stopping it to cause infections. Therefore, it is recommended to use at least a cup of blueberries daily in order to decrease the risk of UTI cutting it in half.

19. Horseradish for sinus issues

Congestion and face pain are the symptoms for sinusitis. If you suffer from this, it is good to know that taking a tablespoon or two of horseradish can improve the blood flow in the sinuses so that they can be drained easier and healed better.

20. Water and pain of injury

The power of water is in diluting and flushing the pain tissue items. Therefore stay hydrated because it helps you to glide tissues to each other, lubricates the joints and soft disks in the spine.



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