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The 10 Most Amazing Benefits Of Epsom Salt That You Weren’t Even Aware Of!


Something that we’ve all seen in the part with pharmacy products of any store is the Epsom salt. You may think it’s useless. It isn’t very expensive and it is abundant in health benefits. This type of salt contains hydrated magnesium sulfate in the form of crystals.

These are the 10 best benefits Epsom salt has to offer that you probably weren’t even aware of:


Fill your bath tub with 2 cups of Epsom salt. Then put some warm water. Soak in this bath for 30 or 40 minutes. If you want to, you can also add some essential oils.

  1. Detoxifies: Drink a heavy metal chelating drink for 2 weeks. Soak into an Epsom salt bath two times a week. You’ll manage to remove any toxic matters from your organism.
  2. Reduces inflammation type of pain. In case of any pain or minor inflammation, soak into an Epsom salt bath and drink some anti-inflammatory drink.
  3. Improves sulfate levels:  If you use Epsom salt baths regularly, you’ll help your body to absorb more sulfate. We need to have some proper levels of sulfate in our organism so that our nervous system and our joints can function in the right way.
  4. Boosts magnesium levels: Soaking into a warm Epsom salt bath will help us increase our levels of magnesium. Magnesium is one of the minerals that is very important for us to have a good heart health.  
  5. Speeds up healing of minor health problems: According to numerous studies, Epsom salt can reduce the healing time for gout. Soak your feet into an Epsom salt bath every day and you’ll manage to remove toenail fungus and Athlete’s foot.
  6. Improves your sleep:  If you soak your feet for 20 minutes every night before you go to bed, you’ll manage to improve your sleep in a great amount. The magnesium present in Epsom salt will help you relax and feel calmer. You’ll notice a great improvement in your sleep very fast!

You can also intake this Epsom salt internally, but you must be very careful.

  1. Relieves constipation: In 4 ounces of water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt. Stir it well and drink it at once. You should expect that your intestines will start to react in about 30 minutes. You should also intake many fruits and vegetables because they will help you prevent chronic constipation or alleviate it.
  1. Relieves insect bites or bee stings:  Itch and pain due to insect bites can be relieved with the help of Epsom salt. Mix half a cup of cold water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt. Prepare a cold compress using a cotton pad. Put this compress on the area with the bite and hold it like that for a few minutes. You should repeat the procedure until you’ve noticed the itch disappear. If the itch doesn’t disappear, visit your doctor.


Grind some Epsom salt finely. You will use it to exfoliate your skin. It will be an excellent product that you’ll love to use every day!

  1. Exfoliate dead skin: You can also add the grinded Epsom salt into your shower gel. You’ll have an exfoliated and renewed skin every time you have a shower! You can also use it to remove the dead skin from your heels, but you mustn’t use it on your face!
  2. Exfoliate scalp:  When you use Epsom salt as an exfoliator, you’ll also remove any toxic matter, oil or dirt, as well as hair buildup from your scalp. Your hair will definitely be fuller and more beautiful! Just add some grinded Epsom salt in your shampoo and massage it into your scalp gently. Use a conditioner afterwards.

This information should tell you that you must use Epsom salt into your everyday beauty routine. Use its abundance of benefits and start feeling great!

Source: juicing-for-health.com